Demystifying strategy of Raju Hirani- the famous Bollywood director

Demystifying strategy of Raju Hirani- the famous Bollywood directorInnovation is becoming all the rage these days.

You go to any academic or industry conference or read any report on any industry or any management book, one of the most widely used words is “innovation” these days.

A study of top 100 firms in India, including Indian and foreign MNCs as well as private and public sector firms, by the writer of this article, found that an overwhelming majority are claiming to be doing some kind of innovation. Not only this, these firms intend to continue with innovations and add more efforts for innovation.

There are many new concepts in innovation such as Disruptive Innovation, Blue Ocean strategy, Medici Effect, Design Thinking, Reverse Innovation, Co-creation, Social Innovation and many more. Interestingly, these concepts are being used in various walks of life, not only in the typical industry set-up.

The strategic humour story “Demystifying Strategy of Raju Hirani the Famous Bollywood Director: Medici Effect for Movies!” highlights that innovation concepts are getting popular and even used by Hindi Movie industry.


Here, have a look!

(The article is authored by Prof. Rajesh K. Pillania is judged Best Faculty for Strategic Management in India by ASSOCHAM & Education Post and is ranked jointly #1 for research productivity among management professors in India. He is author of Strategic Humour book, a stand-up comedian on strategy and is faculty of Strategy with MDI, Gurgaon.)