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Domino's 4 secrets to becoming America's top fast-food chain

Domino's 4 secrets to becoming America's top fast-food chain
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Domino's is on track to have the best sales this quarter of any major restaurant chain in the US, after an incredible second quarter.

On Thursday, the pizza chain reported that US same-store sales grew 9.7% in the second quarter, Domino's 21st consecutive quarter of positive sales momentum.

Earlier this week, Nomura reported that, if the pizza chain's same-store sales topped 6% - the financial holding company's estimation - the chain had a good chance of posting the best same-stores sales of the quarter of the 25 largest restaurant chains in the US that publicly report. With a nearly 10% increase in same-store sales, it looks like the chain will dominate the rest of the fast-food industry for the quarter.

Nomura outlined four drivers of the chain's momentum:

1. Improved quality

Sales at Domino's have soared since the company came out with a new pizza recipe in 2009. The improved core product was key for business to turn around.

The company has emphasized quality as necessary in succeeding against rivals like Pizza Hut and Papa John's.

2. Better marketing

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Marketing guru Russell Weiner joined Domino's from Pepsi in 2008, in the midst of a massive sales decline. He implemented a self-deprecating marketing strategy that resonated with consumers, and, in 2014, became president of Domino's USA.

With a marketing-minded president, the chain has managed to stay ahead of the competition by emphasizing fresh and quirky campaigns, as well as putting transparency front and center in advertising.

3. Digital ordering

domino's easy order


Digital channels accounted for half of Domino's US sales in the second quarter, with executives saying the chain's digital loyalty program played a key role in growing sales. The pizza chain offers payment options across 15 platforms, including the Apple Watch, Amazon Echo, and Samsung TV.

Since payments via digital channels tend to be higher than those made in-person or via phone, digital growth means sales growth at Domino's - and the chain and Papa John's are leading the way in tech-centric restaurant innovation.

4. Focus

Domino's has no other restaurant chains to manage, unlike Yum Brands, the parent company of rival Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell. Further, Domino's is a brand that is, essentially, all about one thing: pizza.

It's an advantage that Starbucks, another brand that Nomura predicts will publicly report 5% or better domestic same-store sales in the second quarter, shares - one company, one brand, and one product that the chain is best known for.