Donald Trump is actually saying nice things about Rick Perry now


Donald Trump


Donald Trump

They traded insults on the campaign trail, but Donald Trump now has nothing but kind words now that former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) has left the presidential race.


Perry announced his departure from the Republican primary on Friday evening just before Trump taped an appearance on "The Tonight Show" in New York City.

Business Insider asked Trump about Perry as he left the NBC studios in Manhattan. He described Perry as a "good man."

"It was a tough time, he's a terrific guy. I know him from before and he was a terrific guy," Trump said. "I wish him well. I think he's going to have a great future."

Perry's exit came after he struggled to raise the money necessary to continue campaigning.


Before Perry left the race, he took several shots at Trump, who is currently leading polls of the GOP primary field. Perry also took a thinly-veiled shot at Trump when he announced his departure.

Given their history, Business Insider told Trump we were surprised to hear him say such nice things about Perry.

"Well, I'm a kind person," Trump said.

Perry is now the first prominent Republican to drop out of the primary. Business Insider asked Trump whether he expected more of his rivals to leave the race.

"I think a lot of people are going to start dropping out," Trump predicted.


Trump's "Tonight Show" appearance is scheduled to air Friday night on NBC starting at 11:35 p.m.

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