Early PayPal Executive Bashes PayPal's New Ads Against Apple Pay


PayPal Tweet


Keith Rabois took issue with this ad.


PayPal began attacking Apple Pay on social media on Monday, and an early investor in the payment platform is firing back.

PayPal's ad is pointed. The "safer than our selfies" bit is a direct reference to the recent iCloud hacking scandal.

Keith Rabois - a member of the so-called "PayPal Mafia" - took to Twitter to shame PayPal over its new ads:

The Quick Quiz continued:


By this point the "tweetstorm" was in full effect:

Rabois decried PayPal's scare tactics:

He's essentially saying that PayPal attacking Apple Pay is like the pot calling the kettle black:

To illustrate Rabois' point with a topical example:


And a final nail-in-the-coffin remark about eBay, PayPal's parent company:

Rabois also suggested that Visa should consider disabling PayPal transactions in light of the ads.

Talk about passion, though.