A Florida mom was barred from dropping her kids off at a private Christian school over a decal promoting her OnlyFans page

A Florida mom was barred from dropping her kids off at a private Christian school over a decal promoting her OnlyFans page
Liberty Christian Preparatory School, left, and the OnlyFans logo on a phone, right, in a composite image.Google Maps; Getty Images
  • A Florida mom drove her kids to a private Christian school with a decal advertising her OnlyFans.
  • Parents complained, saying it was advertising porn to their kids.

A Florida mom has been barred from dropping off her kids at their private Christian prep school's parking lot over a car decal promoting her adult content on OnlyFans, Fox 12 Oregon reported.

Michelle Cline, who goes by Piper Fawn on OnlyFans, told Business Insider that she has a large decal promoting her page on the rear windshield of her SUV and also on the back of her husband's car.

She said the permanent decals had been on the vehicles for about two years.

However, Cline told BI that it was only within the past three weeks that concerned parents at Liberty Christian Preparatory School in Tavares voiced that they did not want their children to see the imagery.

Lexy Thomas, a parent at the school, told Fox 12 Oregon that the decal was a "distraction" for her children.


She said: "No matter how poorly or how good I parent, porn is there, and that's kind of the first thing they're seeing when they're going into a place that should be educating them."

After several parents complained, Cline said the principal told her she'd have to park off-campus and across the street.

Consequently, her children must now cross a busy road to school.

Cline said she can understand why displaying the decal is "ruffling feathers" but she said she feels as though parents are projecting their prejudices onto kids who are seemingly not bothered.

Two of her three children, who attend the school, don't think it's a "big deal," she told BI.


Other kids at the school could just as easily find her vehicle and the SUV "in the Walmart parking lot, too," she added.

Cline said: "I'm not showing any explicit wording or anything that's inappropriate; it's just simply a website."

Cline told Business Insider that although other parents have suggested the situation could be resolved by simply removing the decal, she intends to stand her ground.

"I'm not going to back down just because somebody complained because they're offended," Cline said.

The OnlyFans gig is ultimately her business, she said, and while it may be offensive to some, she told BI it's "certainly not illegal."


Speaking to Fox 12 Oregon, Cline said: "It's legal, you know; I pay taxes just like everyone else, but I'm not breaking the law. I just offended people."

Cline's main concern, however, is now about her children's safety.

She told BI she wants the school to at least provide someone to help her kids cross the road safely or to install a crosswalk.

Liberty Christian Preparatory School did not immediately respond to BI's request for comment.