Brody Jenner drank his fiancée's breast milk and said it tasted 'freaking delicious'

Brody Jenner drank his fiancée's breast milk and said it tasted 'freaking delicious'
Brody Jenner recently shared a video of himself trying his fiancée's breast milk.Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for EJAF
  • Brody Jenner recently shared a YouTube video that shows him trying his fiancée's breast milk.
  • Jenner, who is engaged to surfer Tia Blanco, said the breast milk tasted "freaking delicious."

When Brody Jenner ran out of milk for his morning coffee, he turned to an unlikely source — his fiancée Tia Blanco's breast milk.

Jenner recently shared a new YouTube video documenting the first month of his daughter Honey Raye's life, which included a scene of him giving Blanco's breast milk a try.

"I just came out to make us both some coffee, and we are out of almond milk. But I did find one thing," Jenner says at the beginning of the video as he holds up a breast milk bag.

"Now I hear great things about breast milk," he added. "I hear it's very nutritious. I hear it's very delicious. I think it'll do."

The former "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star then films himself walking into the bedroom and asking Blanco if he can add some of her breast milk to their coffee.


"It'll probably be really good for you," she replies.

Jenner then makes two cups of coffee, adding breast milk to both mugs, before asking Blanco: "Do you want your breast milk latte?"

Brody Jenner drank his fiancée's breast milk and said it tasted 'freaking delicious'
Jenner said the breast milk tasted "freaking delicious."Brody & Tia/YouTube

They clink mugs and she watches in anticipation as Jenner tries his first sip.

"It's freaking delicious," he declares.

Some adults have claimed that drinking human breast milk can help build muscle or beat cancer, but there's no solid research on how it affects adults, Insider previously reported. Drinking human breast milk that has been purchased on the online market can also be dangerous as it can contain harmful bacteria or environmental contaminants.


Blanco and Jenner have been documenting every step of their parenthood journey, including sharing an Instagram video of Honey's home birth.

Jenner proposed to Blanco during their baby shower in June, and she gave birth on July 29.

In a previous YouTube video, Jenner said he wants to be the "exact opposite" kind of father that Caitlyn Jenner was to him.

"I think that what I'm most excited about is doing things differently than my father did," Brody said during the clip.