Kate Winslet and Marc Maron describe James Cameron's 'Avatar' set: 'What the f--- is happening here'

Kate Winslet and Marc Maron describe James Cameron's 'Avatar' set: 'What the f--- is happening here'
"Avatar."20th Century Fox
  • Comedian Marc Maron and Kate Winslet discussed their experiences on the set of James Cameron's "Avatar" set.
  • Winslet said she "lost track of how many" sequels Cameron was shooting at once, but found the process to be an "extraordinary experience."
  • She later said that many of the crew members were so immersed in the "Avatar" world that they would speak the film's fictional language on set.

Comedian Marc Maron described his unexpected visit to the set of James Cameron's "Avatar" during a recent episode of his "WTF Podcast" with guest Kate Winslet.

The 57-year-old actor told Winslet - who is set to star in at least two of Cameron's sci-fi sequels - that he was asked by the legendary director to visit the set of the sequels to audition for an undisclosed role.

"He had me come down there to audition for something, to look at me for something," Maron said. "I had to go down there to that city he built, the 'Avatar' city and it was the weirdest thing. I walk in and he was like, 'We've got actors in here working all the time, flying around and stuff. So if you want to come into a set and we'll just do it.' I was like, 'What the f--- is happening here?'"

Kate Winslet and Marc Maron describe James Cameron's 'Avatar' set: 'What the f--- is happening here'
James Cameron on the set of the first "Avatar" movie.20th Century Fox

Winslet, who previously worked with Cameron on the romance classic "Titanic," said that she had an equally unconventional experience whilst shooting her scenes for the "Avatar" sequels.

She said: "I lost track of how many he is making at once. I did two at once, in tandem with him. All my work was in 2018. It's an extraordinary experience. You go into this huge aircraft hanger and anything is possible. You want to fly today? You want to do some spear fighting underwater? Sure, we'll do it. It was wonderful for me to be a part of such a well-oiled machine with such great artists and technicians."


Cameron is currently planning four follow-ups to his 2009 blockbuster hit with the first sequel to be released by Disney in December 2022. Winslet continued to say that over the years Cameron has changed as a director and is thriving thanks to the time he has been given to make the sequels.

"He's got a lot more time to make than he ever had with 'Titanic,'" she said. "There's a process he's entered into, a rhythm, that's really quite relaxed. He's so intricately connected with that entire world because he created it, so there's a confidence in him that breathes collaboration and conversation."

The 45-year-old actor later said that on her first day on the set of the sequels, Cameron explained that many members of the crew had "drunk the Kool-Aid," so she should not be shocked if she caught them speaking the film's fictional Na'vi language to one another.

She said: "There is a proper immersive experience."