Meet the new man in charge of Britney Spears' finances: John Zabel

Meet the new man in charge of Britney Spears' finances: John Zabel
Britney Spears performs in May 2004 during her "Onyx Hotel Tour." AFP via Getty Images
  • A judge ruled Jamie Spears be suspended from his daughter's conservatorship after 13 years.
  • John Zabel, a CPA, was appointed temporary co-conservator of Britney Spears' estate.
  • Jamie Spears' suspension is effective immediately after the judge's ruling in Wednesday's hearing.

After 13 years at the helm of his daughter Britney Spears' controversial conservatorship, Jamie Spears is out after a judge ruled Wednesday that he be suspended from his role of coconservator, effective immediately.

The decision comes following three separate requests by Spears' lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, since July to have Jamie removed as the pop star's conservator.

And as one man is out, another is taking his place. But this time, the global superstar has some say in who is in charge.

Judge Brenda Penny appointed John Zabel, a California-based consultant, as the temporary conservator of Britney's estate on Wednesday. In July, Rosengart initially requested that Los Angeles-based accountant Jason Rubin be named Jamie's successor, but withdrew Rubin's nomination last week and instead, suggested Zabel take the reigns.

Meet the new man in charge of Britney Spears' finances: John Zabel
Jamie Spears, Britney Spears' father, is no longer serving as the conservator of her estate. Nick Ut/AP

Zabel is the owner of Media Finance Structures, according to his LinkedIn page. The company offers financial and operational management of entertainment projects, according to its website, and has worked with big-name studios like Paramount, Sony, and Lionsgate.


In addition to his work at Media Finance Structures, Zabel is a licensed CPA (certified public accountant). According to his LinkedIn, he studied accounting at CSU Long Beach in the early 1980s. Prior to starting his company in 2002, Zabel worked as an senior auditor.

He also served a stint as senior vice president of Sony Pictures Entertainment from 1984 to 1995, and then as executive vice president and chief financial officer for Mandalay Entertainment from 1995 to 2002, according to his LinkedIn.

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