The best Nintendo Switch deals for Black Friday 2019

The best Nintendo Switch deals for Black Friday 2019

Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals 4x3

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  • Nintendo Switch is the handheld, take-anywhere Nintendo gaming console that also plugs into the TV.
  • We're comparing prices across retailers to find the best Black Friday deals on the Nintendo Switch console, games, and accessories.
  • The best deal we know of so far is a Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 bundle for $299.99 from Best Buy. This is the same deal we saw last year, and the bundle includes the first generation of the Nintendo Switch. We don't know of any deals on the second generation Switch yet.
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So far, we don't know of any Black Friday deals on the newest version of the Nintendo Switch, but we do know that Best Buy will be offering the same Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart 8 bundle that was on sale last year for $299.99.

There's also a pretty good chance, amidst buzz online, that the newest version of the Nintendo Switch will go on sale, too, but we don't have confirmation yet. Stay tuned in the meantime, and we'll update as we know more.

Will the Nintendo Switch go on sale for Black Friday?

Word on the web is that the Nintendo Switch console will be on sale as it was last year, though it will be an older model (that is, the same 2017 model that was on offer last year). This is likely because Nintendo has too much surplus stock of the old model. This older model has a shorter battery life than the newer 2018 model, but the $300 bundle comes with a free $60-value download of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

If you are only after the 2018 model, the 2017 and 2018 consoles look almost exactly the same. To make sure you're not mistakenly buying the older model, make sure of the model number, HAC-001(-01), and also check the serial number, which should start with "XKW."


We'll update you as soon as we find out if the newer model of the Nintendo Switch will be on sale.

Will the Nintendo Switch Lite be on sale for Black Friday?

Probably not. The Nintendo Switch Lite is a brand-new release and was already designed as the more budget-conscious version of the Switch. It's unlikely we'll see it on sale this year, but we'll let you know if we find it discounted anywhere.

What Nintendo Switch games will be on sale for Black Friday?

We haven't received a list just yet, but we'll update this page as soon as we do.

Will the Nintendo Switch price drop in 2019?

Judging from what we've seen since last year, probably not until a new model is released with even better battery life, but rumors abound of a Switch 2 to be released soon.

The best Black Friday deals on Nintendo Switch so far

Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Console Bundle - Neon Blue/Red, available at Best Buy, $299.99 [Features the 2017 model - deal is not available yet]


Select Switch video games, available at Target, for as low as $25

12-month Switch Online subscription, available at Target, for $15

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Best Black Friday Deals 4x3

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