'The Mandalorian' star Pedro Pascal says Oscar Isaac is the 'younger brother I never wanted'

'The Mandalorian' star Pedro Pascal says Oscar Isaac is the 'younger brother I never wanted'
Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac.Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images for Netflix
  • "The Mandalorian" star Pedro Pascal told Esquire that he sees Oscar Isaac as "family."
  • The pair met in 2005 but recently their bromance has been praised by fans.

"The Mandalorian" star Pedro Pascal told Esquire that his fellow "Star Wars" actor Oscar Isaac was like a "younger brother" to him when talking about their famous bromance.

The pair met in 2005 when working on an off-Broadway play in New York and later worked together on the 2019 movie "Triple Frontier."They also both had roles in separate parts of the "Star Wars" franchise, with Pascal playing the lead in "The Mandalorian" series and Isaac starring as Poe Dameron in the recent "Star Wars" sequel films.

However, fans fell in love with the actors' friendship after Pascal shared multiple adorable Instagram posts of the two of them and their 2019 Wired interview.

During a new interview with Esquire about Isaac's career, Pascal spoke about the source of their friendship.

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"We have very similar backgrounds," Pascal said. "We're both children of Latin immigrants, so there's sort of a cultural familiarity, then at the same time we're both actors. We have the same dreams. It's something very special because it can be a lonely journey when you're out there going after — it sounds corny, but going after your dreams, and to find family along the way."


Pascal then added: "The other side of it is that he's the younger brother I never wanted."

When it came to Isaac describing their friendship, he was a lot less serious about it. In a YouTube video for Esquire published on the same day as the article, the "Dune" actor joked that Pascal was "obsessed" with him.

"I try to get away from him and he finds me. Even when I change my number. I can't get rid of him. So it's like a disease," Isaac said.

Isaac told Remezcla last year that he would be bring his "sweet girlfriend Pedro" on his next space adventure after "Dune."

Isaac stars in "Moon Knight," which is airing on Disney+ now.