Epic slide deck from former Yahoo board member lays out the future of tech and media


Michael Wolf by David Needleman

David Needleman

Dan Loeb asked Michael Wolf to find a CEO for Yahoo

On Tuesday, top business strategist Michael Wolf gave a massive presentation on the future of tech and media in 2016 at The Wall Street Journal's conference.


He shared that the average American spends more time on tech and media then sleeping, and predicts that messaging will blow past social networking.

But if you are all prepped for the cord-cutting revolution, you'll have to wait a little longer - though streaming music is going to be the next big winner.

And Wolf knows what he's talking about. He served on the board at Yahoo, helping bring Marissa Mayer in as CEO, and cofounded the technology and media consulting firm Activate, where he is managing director. His career has spanned from being a managing partner at consulting powerhouse McKinsey, to being the chief operating officer of MTV networks.

You can see the entire presentation from the Wall Street Journal Digital Live Conference below, which we've republished in full.