Even after Brexit, Airbnb says 'London is more popular and diverse than ever'


london fireworks celebration

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Fireworks light up the London skyline and Big Ben just after midnight on January 1, 2015 in London, England.

The UK may have voted to leave the EU, but London mayor Sadiq Khan is doing everything he can to make sure that London remains a global city, and according to Airbnb, his efforts are working.


In the wake of the Brexit vote on June 23, Khan launched a global campaign to attract visitors and investment in the nation's capital.

The mayor's #LondonIsOpen campaign aims to show the world that London is still open for business and retains its entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. The campaign has been backed by new Prime Minister Theresa May, former mayor Boris Johnson, celebrities like Jude Law and One Direction, and companies like Google.

Khan's campaign appears to be persuading people. In a Thursday statement, Airbnb reported a 24% increase in London visits since the Brexit referendum. Since the nation voted to leave the EU, UK citizens have welcomed guests from more than 164 countries across the world. The city has become the third most popular city in the world for Airbnb guests, and this week will see the 3 millionth Airbnb guest arrive to stay in a London home, according to Airbnb.

"Post-Brexit London is more popular and diverse than ever... This remains the most welcoming and hospitable city in the world... London truly is open," said James McClure, general manager for Airbnb.


Since Brexit, Britain's sharing economies have actually grown faster than in the rest of Europe, according to research released by PwC. UK's sharing economy sectors could see a 20-fold increase to £140 billion by 2025, up from £7 billion today.

"We have something for everyone and as the Mayor of this fabulous city, I am delighted to hear that Airbnb hosts are continuing to welcome guests from hundreds of countries," Khan said in Airbnb's statement. "Our aim now is to make sure that even more people across the planet hear that London is open."

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