Exclusive: Check out the inside of Yumist’s Kitchen from where delicious meals are delivered to you

Exclusive: Check out the
inside of Yumist’s Kitchen from where delicious meals are delivered to you

Yumist is another food-tech startup but with a twist; their business formula compared to others is a little different and that’s what might just make it work.

They don’t just call themselves an online restaurant. The company which currently serves food in Delhi NCR had expanded to Bengaluru but shut down that vertical under a year.

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Alok Jain, CEO, and Founder, Yumist told Business Insider, “The thought process was to make one city profitable and then expand from there to Bengaluru or Mumbai. We expect to be profitable by end of this year.’’


Food-delivery could be a marketplace or a brand. What worked for Yumist that they make their own food and deep technology integration to reduce costs not just in delivery but also in production.

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To sell food at INR 100, you need to get innovative. From making their own large oven at just INR 60000 compared to imported ovens at lakhs to creating a supply chain that has reduced costs, they’ve cut corners and how.

The company thinks that their differentiating factor is the kitchen, which helps them make affordable, hygienic and quality controlled food in large batches.

Another quirky factor is that 20% of the Yumist audience sees a personalized menu which is changing the game for them.
Personalized Subscription based model is also something Yumist is looking into, offering meals on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

It just boils to one thing in one hour; the algorithm and machine learning work for them as one delivery boy does up to 20 orders a day which requires extensive planning.

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As they keep scaling up, their delivery costs have reduced significantly and Alok thinks that it will go lower than INR 30 per order.

He says that they plan to find more find more ways to reduce costs by maybe changing the mode of transportation from rickshaws to an electric bike.

Yumist currently has 6 delivery centers.

We checked out their head kitchen and decided to give you guys a glimpse into what goes on behind making your food. Take a look!