Exclusive: K Ganesh's Growth Story with Start-ups is Never-ending and Here’s the Next Chapter

Krishnan Ganesh, needs no introduction as a serial entrepreneur and now his Growth Story does not seem to end. Over the past two decades, Ganesh and his wife Meena have created, and exited from, four ventures and stuck to the India-domestic consumption story even as others rubbish the e-commerce as a viable business in the country.


Ganesh describes himself as a dreamer— focussing on networking, business strategy and looking at new business opportunities with investors and entrepreneurs. Meena, his wife is more of a technical person exploring how to hire, identifying operational glitches, how to scale up and so on.

“We have incubated new companies in the internet and e-commerce sector that address Indian consumer challenges. In our country, there is a huge opportunity in every sector because there is a problem in every sector due to the sheer size of the population. We have been working hard to create solutions specific to India where we push the technology to solve the problems,” Ganesh told Business Insider talking about successes like Big Basket, Freshmenu, BlueStone and Portea Medical, the latter headed by his wife.
Ganesh believes that the last nine months have added fuel to the Indian start-ups, “Events like the launch of Reliance Jio, Demonetization and recent round of Flipkart funding shows that the trust in internet companies in India have been increasing. Reliance Jio got the next 100 million online but we still have a long way to go. India needs internet companies as we lack infrastructure and can’t afford to keep a extensive range of products at one place.”

His latest bet are in B2B companies like GrowFit which is a healthy food and diet platform and Social Frontier which is a SAAS platform for managing social media for companies.
This seasoned entrepreneur knows how to start-up and create a growth story and you can get in touch with him on Twitter at @ganeshk03.