Facebook is showing some of its users a strangely polite new message


When visiting Facebook recently, you may have noticed a friendly greeting that wasn't there before.


Sitting at the top of some Facebook users' news feeds recently is a polite message. It says something like: "Good morning, Maya! Thanks for being here - enjoy Facebook today."

Users are seeing the strangely pleasant message on both desktop and mobile.

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They seem to have mixed responses to the new addition, which is often supplemented by a notification from Facebook's "On This Day" feature (On This Day shows you photos or status updates you posted a year ago today - it's a "this day in history" type feature).

The message looks like this:




It has some users confused.


People are also seeing the message at night:

 ...And in the afternoon:

Facebook, which had more than a billion users every day in September, is on a tear. On Wednesday, its stock hit an all-time high after-hours after the company reported its Q3 earnings, beating analyst expectations on the top and bottom line.


(h/t The Next Web)


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