Facebook, Shmacebook Says Fiesty Mobile Ad Startup JumpTap


Earlier today, we reported that Facebook now allows advertisers to target users based on things those users have done offline, including things like buying toothpaste or going to a movie.


We said this was a big step for Facebook.

Christina Feeney, who does marketing for mobile ad network JumpTap agrees that it is a big step…for Facebook.

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It's just "not new in mobile."

She writes:


Mobile audience platform Jumptap was actually the first to bring offline data into mobile at scale: 2011, partnerships with Datalogix, Acxiom, Polk, and AdAdvisor (TARGUSinfo at the time) http://bit.ly/YO1RIY. Now has more than 20 data partners (including BlueKai, Datonics, AddThis, etc.) and can target on a deeper level by matching hashed mobile profile info (like email addresses/IPs) with offline and online data – more than 60M profiles and counting; all done in a privacy-friendly way.

Clearly the industry is moving toward a more user-centric model and Jumptap tends to be among the first to drive these efforts.