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How to check Syndicate bank balance

How to check Syndicate bank balance
One of the oldest banks in India, Syndicate Bank started serving the customers in the country with a range of financial and banking services in 1925. Earlier, it was called Canara Industrial and Banking Syndicate Limited. Eventually, the bank was merged with Maharashtra and South Indian Apex bank and was then renamed as Syndicate Bank with its headquarters situated in Manipal. If you are a Syndicate Bank customer, here are a few ways provided by the bank to check your account balance.

Missed call banking

Syndicate Bank provides the missed call method to check the customer’s account balance. To use this facility and check your balance, give a missed call from your registered mobile number to 9210332255. Your call will get automatically disconnected after a few rings. You will receive an SMS on your mobile indicating your balance information. This is a free service provided by the bank.

SMS banking balance check

To check your syndicate bank account balance through the SMS balance check method, you can follow the steps given under and send a message from your registered mobile number to 9210332255.

To check the present balance: SBAL or sbal <CustomerID>

To get the last 5 transactions: STXN or stxn <CustomerID>

Balance check through Syndicate Bank App

Syndicate Bank mobile app is free to download from the app stores. Once you download and install this app on your phone, you can check your account balance by logging in using your credentials and landing on your specific account page.

Net banking balance check method

Syndicate Bank provides a net banking facility to its customers. With Syndicate Bank net banking facility, you can do some important banking and financial functions. You need to register for this service first and then you can check your account balance or do payment transfer using the NEFT, IMPS and RTGS facilities.

Balance check through USSD banking method

This is a mobile banking facility available for the syndicate bank customers. IN fact, this method can be used by any bank’s customer for checking the account balance. Most interestingly, this facility lets you check your bank account balance from any handset. You just have to dial *99# and the mobile banking session will start. You can check your bank balance along with gaining access to some other banking services.

Check balance at the ATM

Syndicate Bank customers can also check their account balance at the ATMs. You can check your Syndicate Bank account balance on any bank’s ATM. Use the following steps to check your balance at the ATM.

Insert your ATM card in the slot provided in the ATM machine.

Follow the steps as asked on the machine.

Input your 4-digit PIN number.

Select the option ‘View Account Balance’.

When you check your balance on the ATM machine, no charges will be debited from your account as this is a free service.

Balance check using UPI payment app

Syndicate Bank customers as well as the customers of any bank can use the UPI Payment app for checking balance. You will find a large number of UPI payment apps which you can download and install on your phone. Across most of these UPI apps, the process to check your balance is almost the same.

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