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Bank holidays in February 2023

Bank holidays in February 2023
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The second month of a calendar year, February is also the shortest month in any given year. With just 28 days in the month, there are fewer days to plan your activities. Banking is one of the core activities in personal, business and professional lives. Since banks fulfill a number of finance related functions, bank holidays are an important topic we must always keep track of. By knowing bank holidays well in advance in any given month, we can avoid disappointments and disruptions in carrying out our banking functions.

Banks in India are of two types namely private sector banks and public sector banks. However, all the banks in the nation conform to the guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India for their policies, interest rates, service protocols, service fees, holidays and other banking and finance related aspects.

Some of the most important services you can avail of from banks include savings bank, current account, fixed deposits, safety lockers, loans, money transfers, and many others. Banks help integrate businesses in a seamless fashion to run their operations, send and receive money.

In India, banks remain closed on all Sundays. The other weekend holidays include second and fourth Saturdays. There are two types of holidays for banks namely national holidays and regional holidays. National holidays correspond to the events and days of national importance. Major festivals of all religions come under this category. Regional holidays correspond to the festivals and events that are important in any given state. Therefore, these holidays are applicable to banks located in the concerned states only.

Here is the complete list of bank holidays in India for the month of February 2023. Cross check with your state holiday gazette to confirm the regional holidays. Mark bank holidays in February 2023 on your calendar and plan your banking and financial functions accordingly.

Bank holidays in February 2023

Date Day Holiday descriptionApplicable in
5 February 2023 Sunday Hazrat Ali Jayanti Uttar Pradesh
5 February 2023 Sunday Guru Ravidas Jayanti Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana & Punjab
5 February 2023 Sunday Weekend holidayAll over India
11 February 2023 Saturday Second SaturdayAll over India
12 February 2023 Sunday Weekend holidayAll over India
15 February 2023 Wednesday Lui-Ngai-Ni Manipur
18 February 2023 Saturday Maha Shivaratri Many states of India
19 February 2023 Sunday Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti Maharashtra
19 February 2023 Sunday Weekend holidayAll over India
20 February 2023 Monday State Day Mizoram
21 February 2023 Tuesday Losar Sikkim
25 February 2023 Saturday Fourth SaturdayAll over India
26 February 2023 Sunday Weekend holidayAll over India

ATMs of all the banks located in the nooks and corners of the country provide user friendly kiosks for withdrawals, deposits and some simple banking functions. However, you need to visit the banks for large volume withdrawals, deposits and money transfers. Also, over the recent years, digital transactions have grown rapidly and have minimized the people’s dependency on banks.