Plan your year-end – Banks shut for nine days all over India in December

Plan your year-end – Banks shut for nine days all over India in December
The year 2023 is preparing to wind up its rule, preparing to enthrone 2024 in just about a month. As December unfolds its wintry charm across the diverse landscapes of India, the anticipation of celebrations and festivities fills the air. Amidst the joyous season, it becomes crucial for individuals and businesses to keep track of the scheduled bank holidays, ensuring smooth financial transactions and timely planning.

Understanding the bank holidays in India is not only a practical necessity but also an opportunity to synchronize with the rhythm of the nation's financial pulse. So, let's dive into the calendar of December 2023 and navigate the holiday season with informed enthusiasm.

In India, banks are closed on all Sundays for weekend holidays. In addition, the second and fourth Saturdays of all months are holidays for banks. All the holidays for Indian banks are decided under the guidance and auspices of the Reserve Bank of India. The two types of holidays in India are regional and national holidays. While national holidays are applicable for banks throughout the country, banks of specific states go on holidays on regional holidays. It is advisable to cross check the regional holidays with reference to your state holiday gazette.

Bank holidays in December 2023

Quite a few significant festivals will be celebrated in the month of December and hence the month’s calendar shows up a number of public holidays. Hereunder, check the list of regional, national and weekend holidays for December 2023.


Date Day Holiday Applicable in
1 December 2023 Friday Indigenous Faith Day, World AIDS Day Arunachal Pradesh
2 December 2023 Saturday National Pollution Control Day, International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, World Computer Literacy Day All Over India
3 December 2023 Sunday Weekend HolidayAll Over India
5 December 2023 Tuesday Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Jayanti Jammu & Kashmir
9 December 2023 Saturday Second Saturday All Over India
10 December 2023 Sunday Weekend HolidayAll Over India
17 December 2023 Sunday Weekend HolidayAll Over India
18 December 2023 Monday Guru Ghasidas Jayanti Chandigarh
19 December 2023 Tuesday Liberation Day Goa
23 December 2023 Saturday Fourth Saturday All Over India
24 December 2023 Sunday Guru Teg Bahadur’s Martyrdom’s Day Punjab, Chandigarh
24 December 2023 Sunday Weekend HolidayAll Over India
25 December 2023 Monday ChristmasAll Over India
26 December 2023 Monday Sardar Udham Singh Jayanti Haryana
30 December 2023 Saturday Tamu Losar Sikkim
31 December 2023 Sunday Weekend HolidayAll Over India

The prevalence of digital banking and electronic payments has become widespread in India. The introduction of UPI payments has transformed financial transactions into a seamless experience for every Indian citizen, alleviating a considerable burden on traditional banking systems. When in need of swift and hassle-free money withdrawals, deposits, or other straightforward banking operations, a visit to the nearest ATM suffices. However, it's essential to stay aware of bank holidays and strategically plan your banking activities accordingly.