Here is a list of bank holidays in May 2022

Here is a list of bank holidays in May 2022
We depend on banks for several reasons. Banks are in fact an integral part of our personal, social, and professional lives. Banks make it very convenient to handle finances, save and grow money, safe keeping, borrow loans, and do financial transactions with individuals, organisations and enterprises. Therefore, very frequently we make use of banking services across different requirements in our daily lives.

Banks have started using sophisticated technology these days and most banking functions can happen online today both for individuals and businesses. Nevertheless, there are still some reasons why we visit banks in person. Such reasons we need to keep track of bank holidays so that we are not disappointed to see the banks closed during a crucial hour when we need them the most.

Understanding bank holidays in India needs a bit of information about how holidays are defined for banks. Majority of banks in India work under the auspices of the Reserve Bank of India and hence their policies and holidays are regulated by RBI. As per RBI policy, there are two kinds of holidays in India namely national and regional holidays. While national holidays are applicable throughout the country for all banks, the regional holidays apply to banks in some concerned states. In addition to these holidays, the other common bank holidays are Sundays, and second and fourth Saturdays.

Here is the complete list of bank holidays in India for May 2022. For regional holidays, it is good to refer to the state holiday gazette.

Bank holidays in May 2022

DateDayHoliday DescriptionApplicable in States
1 May 2022SundayWeekend holidayAll over India
1 May 2022SundayMay Day / Maharashtra DayMay Day holiday all over India / Maharashtra Day – Maharashtra
2 May 2022MondayMaharshi Parasuram JayantiMany states
3 May 2022TuesdayEid Ul Fitr, Basava JayantiIdul Fitr National holiday / Basava Jayanti – Karnataka
4 May 2022WednesdayEid Ul FitrTelangana
8 May 2022SundayWeekend HolidayAll over India
9 May 2022MondayGuru Rabindranath JayantiWest Bengal and Tripura
13 May 2022ThursdayEid Ul FitrNational holiday
14 May 2022SaturdaySecond SaturdayAll over India
15 May 2022SundayWeekend HolidayAll over India
16 May 2022MondayState Day, Buddha PurnimaSikkim, Many states
22 May 2022SundayWeekend HolidayAll over India
24 May 2022TuesdayBirthday of Kazi Nazrul IslamTripura
28 May 2022SaturdayFourth SaturdayAll over India
29 May 2022SundayWeekend HolidayAll over India

You can do most banking functions online without visiting banks. For emergency cash requirements, all banks operate ATMs 24X7. However, mark these bank holidays in your calendar so that you can plan your bank visits without any disruptions.