Banks to be closed for 50% of the days in November – Check out details

Banks to be closed for 50% of the days in November – Check out details
India is known for a rich cultural heritage, various traditions, and vivacious festivals, which also bring a lot of holidays throughout the year. These holidays provide the much needed opportunity to individuals and families to celebrate the different events of cultural, religious, and national significance. November 2023 is not an exception, as the month brings a mix of festivities and interesting events and a list of public holidays. In fact, banks will be closed for a total of 16 days in November overall, which is more than 50% of the month.

Banks have come to play an important role in the social, financial and professional lives of people. Knowing bank holidays can help plan your banking activities and financial transactions efficiently without ending up in disappointments. Though digital banking has minimized the need to visit the banks personally, still some important transactions happen only when the banks are open.

Bank holidays in any month can fall under national holidays, regional holidays and weekend holidays. In the month of November 2023, there are quite a few national and regional holidays. Banks do not work on all Sundays. Banks also remain closed on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month. So, here is the list of November 2023 bank holidays in India. It is good to cross check your state holiday gazette for regional holidays.

Bank holidays in November 2023

November is the eleventh month of the calendar year. Quite a few important festivals fall in the month of November and hence the month’s calendar shows quite a number of holidays. Below you will find the list of regional, national and weekend holidays for the month.


Date Day Holiday DescriptionApplicable In
1 November 2023Wednesday Karaka Chaturthi, Kut, Puducherry Liberation Day, Haryana Day, Karnataka Rajyotsava, Kerala PiraviKaraka Chaturthi – All over India, Kut - Manipur, Puducherry Liberation Day - Puducherry, Haryana Day - Haryana, Karnataka Rajyotsava - Karnataka & Kerala Piravi - Kerala
5 November 2023Sunday Ningol Chakouba Day Manipur
5 November 2023SundayWeekend Holiday All over India
10 November 2023Friday Wangala Festival Meghalaya
11 November 2023Saturday Second Saturday All over India
12 November 2023Sunday Diwali All over India
12 November 2023SundayWeekend Holiday All over India
13 November 2023Monday Govardhan Puja Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar, Delhi
15 November 2023Wednesday Bhai Duj All over India
19 November 2023Sunday Chhat Puja Bihar
19 November 2023SundayWeekend Holiday All over India
24 November 2023Friday Lachit Divas Assam
25 November 2023Saturday Fourth Saturday All over India
26 November 2023Sunday Sunday All over India
26 November 2023SundayWeekend Holiday All over India
27 November 2023Monday Guru Nanak’s Birthday Punjab, Chandigarh

Digital banking and digital payments have become very common in India. The advent of UPI payments has made financial transactions a breeze for any citizen in India and has significantly reduced the burden on the banks. For quick and convenient money withdrawals, deposits and other simple banking functions, you can visit the nearest ATM. Nevertheless, keep track of bank holidays and plan your banking activities wisely.