Here is a list of bank holidays in September 2021

Here is a list of bank holidays in September 2021
Keeping track of bank holidays is necessary to ensure an uninterrupted flow of finances and banking functions in personal, professional, business and social lives.

Over their evolution in history, banks have come to perform a number of functions. Banking operations have swelled up now and they fulfill a variety of functions in our lives.

A number of banking functions have gone digital these days and the number of physical visits you need to make to banks has drastically come down. However, bank holidays are important to know, so that you can plan your activities centered around banks in a systematic way.

Most banking functions, banking schedule and holidays are governed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulations. Both private sector and public sector banks in India do not work on Sundays and second and fourth Saturdays.

In addition to this, the regular holidays applicable to the institutions in every state cover banks too. Bank holidays fall under four categories namely weekend holidays on Sundays, monthly holidays on the second and fourth Saturdays, national holidays and regional holidays. While the first three types of holidays are applicable throughout India, the regional holidays differ from state to state.

Here is a list of bank holidays in September 2021.


DateDayHoliday DescriptionApplicable in states
5 September 2021SundayWeekend holidayAll over India
8 September 2021WednesdayParkash Utsav Sri Guru Granth Sahib JiPunjab
11 September 2021SaturdayGanesh ChaturthiAll over India
11 September 2021SaturdayNuakhaiOdisha
11 September 2021SaturdaySecond SaturdayAll over India
12 September 2021SundayWeekend holidayAll over India
16 September 2021ThursdayRamdev Jayanti, Teja DashmiRajasthan
17 September 2021FridayVishwakarma PujaRajasthan, Haryana and Punjab
19 September 2021SundayWeekend holidayAll over India
21 September 2021TuesdaySree Narayana Guru Jayanti, Sree Narayana Guru SamadhiKerala
23 September 2021ThursdayHaryana Heroes' Martyrdom DayHaryana
25 September 2021SaturdayWeekend holidayAll over India
26 September 2021SundayWeekend holidayAll over India
28 September 2021TuesdayS. Bhagat Singh Ji JayantiPunjab

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