SBI WhatsApp service launched — here’s how to register, check account balance and more

SBI WhatsApp service launched — here’s how to register, check account balance and more
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  • State Bank of India launched WhatsApp Banking Service.
  • The banking service allows bankers to check bank balance and mini statements through the instant messaging app, WhatsApp.
  • Bankers have to register for the WhatsApp banking service through their registered mobile number.
  • Below, check out simple steps to use the SBI WhatsApp banking service.
India’s largest public sector lender, the State Bank of India (SBI), has launched its WhatsApp banking service in India. This move came right after SBI chairman Dinesh Khara had disclosed plans for the bank to go the WhatsApp way.
With the launch of SBI’s WhatsApp service, bankers can use WhatsApp banking service to check their account balance and mini statement, including complete insight about the last five transactions.
This customer-friendly initiative will allow bankers, including old age people, to avail most of its banking services through an instant messaging app eliminating the need to stand in queues for small bank-related works.
To use the SBI’s WhatsApp banking service, bankers must register their accounts first. An unregistered customer who tries to avail the service will receive a message from the bank to get registered first.
“You are not registered for SBI WhatsApp Banking services. To register and provide your consent for using these services, kindly send the following SMS WAREG A/c No to 917208933148 from your Registered Mobile No with the Bank. You can view the detailed T&C for these services on the," the SBI bot will say in a message to the unregistered customer.”

Steps to register for the SBI WhatsApp service

To register your bank account with the SBI WhatsApp banking service, send an SMS WAREG A/C No (9172089XXXX) from your registered mobile number. Once your registration is complete, you can use SBI’s WhatsApp banking service.

How to use WhatsApp banking services

Step 1: Once registered, send ‘Hi’ to +919022690226 or reply to the message you have received on WhatsApp, ‘Dear Customer, You are successfully registered for SBI WhatsApp Banking services.’
Step 2: Once replied, you will receive this reply, ‘Dear Customer, Welcome to SBI Whatsapp Banking Services!

Please choose from any of the options below.
1. Account Balance
2. Mini Statement
3. De-register from WhatsApp Banking
Step 3: Choose from options 1 or 2 to check your account balance or generate a mini statement of the last five transactions. Further, you can also choose Option 3 if you want to de-register from SBI WhatsApp Banking.
Step 4: Your account balance or mini statement will be displayed as per your choice.

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