Blackstone, the massive private-equity firm, just wants to be your friendly, neighborhood lender

Blackstone, the massive private-equity firm, just wants to be your friendly, neighborhood lender
Blackstone CEO Stephen SchwarzmanRoy Rochlin/Getty Images

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Today, we've got stories on Ray Dalio beefing with his neighbor, why I'm never going to be able to buy a house, and the best stuff to make for your Memorial Day party.

But first, the unexpected local lender.

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1. Your friendly neighborhood lender, Blackstone

What's the first thing that pops into your head when you think of a regional bank?

A friendly banker who you recognize from around town. A warm batch of cookies to welcome you when you arrive. The sheer power that comes from working with the largest private-equity firm in the world.

Wait, what?

Yes, it seems our friends in regional banking aren't out of the woods just yet, and Blackstone is more then happy to step up to the plate.


Nouriel Roubini, the famed economist known as "Dr. Doom" isn't too optimistic about the future of regional banks. (With a name like that, who could have seen that coming!) Roubini said Wednesday that smaller banks will "certainly" face a credit crunch.

Which brings us to Blackstone. Never one to miss a chance to make money, Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman said his firm can "fill the void" left by regional banks tightening up their lending activity. The billionaire, who was speaking at the same Bloomberg conference as Roubini, said Blackstone is already in talks with regional banks about purchasing their assets and loans they originate.

When I joked earlier this month that this was the banking crisis that would never end, I mentioned there was a cyclical nature to these bank failures that pushes money to the biggest banks. What I didn't have on my "Bank Crisis Bingo Card" — you can pick them up on Amazon — was Blackstone entering the fray.

From a financial perspective, it makes perfect sense. Blackstone is one of the leaders in the booming private credit space. With plenty of cash on hand, why not lend it to households and SMBs?

Of course, there's some interesting underlying context to Blackstone's strategy. Regional banks happen to be one of the biggest lenders in commercial real estate. And, wouldn't you know it, Blackstone also happens to have a massive footprint in CRE.


Add in the fact that Blackstone's real-estate business has been facing plenty of headwinds, and you start to see why it wouldn't mind owning some of those loans.

Here's why famous economist 'Dr. Doom' is feeling bearish on regional banks.

In other news:

Blackstone, the massive private-equity firm, just wants to be your friendly, neighborhood lender
The Macklowe

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