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JPMorgan mask mandate - Nasdaq diversity plan - Evercore offer letters

Jordan Parker Erb   

JPMorgan mask mandate - Nasdaq diversity plan - Evercore offer letters
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JPMorgan Chase will make all US employees wear masks indoors

Masks will be required for all JPMorgan employees - even if they're vaccinated. The bank is following CDC guidance that says all people, vaccinated and unvaccinated, should mask up in places where COVID-19 is spreading. What we know about the mask mandate.

The SEC approved Nasdaq's plan for more corporate board diversity

Nasdaq's new rules require the 3,249 companies listed on its main US exchange to have at least two diverse directors, one woman and one member of an underrepresented minority group - or risk being delisted. Here are 21 female tech leaders ideal for those seats.

Evercore offer letters for 2022 analysts just went out

Evercore will pay first-year investment bankers $110,000 - and those who accept will receive a separate $15,000 start bonus within 60 days. Get the full rundown here.

Plaid agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit for $58 million

The suit, which alleges users were unaware of Plaid's role in accessing banking data for apps like Venmo, comes as financial data becomes a more of a priority for both consumers and regulators. Here are the other details of the settlement.

FactSet is helping investment banks automate their pitching process

Junior bankers, rejoice: FactSet is working on a way to automate the pitching process, one of the most time-consuming parts of the job. Newly appointed Chief Product Officer Kristina Karnovsky told Insider about the company's plans.

UBS is launching a team focused on winning over diverse clients

UBS's global wealth management division is preparing to launch a group focused on better serving diverse investors, and has hired a private banker from JPMorgan to lead the charge. Meet her here.

JPMorgan's SPAC business has been dwarfed by rivals

Though ​​JPMorgan is an investment-banking powerhouse, its SPAC business is well behind peer firms - but some research analysts say that could be a good thing. Here's why "it doesn't necessarily pay to be first."

Crypto and "super apps" are about to transform finance

We spoke with analysts who explained why crypto and "super apps" will transform finance - and shared three stock picks that are "about to take over the world." See their top fintech stock picks and investing ideas.

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