The 'work-from-home weekend' may be on its way out

The 'work-from-home weekend' may be on its way out
Deutsche Bank is bringing workers back to the office on Mondays and Fridays.Frank Rumpenhorst/picture alliance via Getty Images
  • Deutsche Bank won't let employees work from home on both Fridays and Mondays, Bloomberg reported.
  • The move was made to even out worker attendance across the week.

Major financial institutions are leading the charge to bring workers back to the office.

The latest firm to ramp up its office attendance policies is Deutsche Bank, which will now require workers to come in at least three days a week, according to Bloomberg. And they'll have to come in either Monday or Friday.

That means workers will have to bid goodbye to their long “work-from-home weekend.”

The policy change is intended to “spread our presence more evenly across the week,” said Deutsche Bank chief executive Christian Sewing and chief operating officer Rebecca Short in a memo, according to Bloomberg.

The firm is taking an even harder line on employees higher up the corporate chain.


Deutsche Bank will require managing directors — who hold top positions right below the C Suite — to come into the office at least four days a week beginning in June, Bloomberg reported.

Deutsche Bank isn’t the first major firm to force its managing directors to come to the office. JP Morgan called its MDs back five days a week last April and asked them to be “visible on the floor.”

Still, Deutsche Bank seems to be setting a new precedent by calling workers back to the office on Fridays and Mondays.

Prominent New York landlord Steven Roth once declared that Fridays in the office were “dead forever” and Mondays were “touch and go.” Fridays typically have the lowest office occupancy rates of the week, according to data from Kastle Systems.

Deutsche Bank said the new policy will help the firm optimize its office space. Deutsche Bank said in its memo that its current real estate usage is “inefficient,” according to Bloomberg.


“The bank remains committed to our hybrid working model, which has been received extremely positively by staff,” a Deutsche Bank spokesperson told Bloomberg. “Its new guidelines will ensure consistency across the bank and strengthen senior leadership presence in the office, which remains the primary place of work.”

Deutsche Bank did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.