We mapped out the key cloud partnerships on Wall Street

We mapped out the key cloud partnerships on Wall Street
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Evercore just snagged a team of bankers from Citi to cash in on a busy healthcare market


Evercore has snagged 4 healthcare bankers from Citi, including an MD, and a Goldman Sachs banker. Here's what we know about the hires.

Top bank research analyst Erika Najarian is leaving Bank of America

Top equity researcher Erika Najarian resigned this week, sources told Insider.

This is what we know so far about her departure.

Firms like Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, and BlackRock are picking favorites to partner with in their cloud journey. Here's whom providers are winning over on Wall Street.

The major public cloud providers - AWS, Google Cloud, IBM, and Microsoft Azure - are battling it out to win over financial institutions. Here's our running list of key cloud partnerships announced so far.


JPMorgan Chase is aiming to staff all US branches with licensed bankers who can offer investment advice by the end of the year

JPMorgan Chase is also training associate bankers to handle less transactional and more advice-based work. Here's what we know about the plans.

Blackstone's Steve Schwarzman just celebrated the PE giant's stock hitting $100 with a congratulatory memo to staff calling out big wins

In his celebratory memo, Schwarzman said "we're seeing the public markets start to recognize the specialness of our business." Read the full memo here.

A Goldman Sachs private wealth exec explains how rich founders are thinking of ways to avoid a tax-hike hit when cashing out of their companies


Managing Director Katie Hyde urged anyone considering transferring assets or selling their business to act now. Here's what else she said.

US law firms are so hungry for talent they're poaching young Canadian lawyers, who are getting 30% pay bumps

In the first half of 2021, more Canadian lawyers joined US firms than in all of 2020. More on law firms' international search for talent.

Top crypto exchanges are about to launch a marketing blitz in a race to win over mainstream consumers

Exchanges like Coinbase, eToro, and Blockfolio have hired ad agencies in recent months. Read more here.


Goldman Sachs just hired a top internet research analyst away from UBS

Internet research analyst Eric Sheridan is moving from UBS to Goldman Sachs. More on that here.

Citi named Halé Behzadi the new head of its private bank in North America as the bank targets the ultra-rich

Halé Behzadi previously served as MD and global market manager of the western region within the firm's private-banking division. Here's what we know about the promotion.

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