Planning a trip? 4 things your credit cards offer that you should know about


1. Turn your credit card into your travel planner

1. Turn your credit card into your travel planner
Smart travelers always plan their next holiday well in advance to ensure they get the best deals to make the most of their wanderlust. Selecting the right credit card can not only help you save on flights, lodging, dining and shopping, but to also earn points which can be leveraged for air miles, flight upgrades, and complimentary extra hotel nights. Credit cards such as American Express' Membership Rewards card can built a legacy in smart travel.

2. Choose your destination

2.  Choose your destination
Select the country you want to travel in and see what your credit card has to offer. Whether you want to experience the local culture through Airbnb or bask in the luxury of a five-star hotel, there are several membership rewards the credit card offers. Card members roll out 25% off on an Airbnb booking worth Rs 10,000.

3. Reward yourself with air miles

3.  Reward yourself with air miles
No one can resist the appeal of frequent flyer miles. The flagship Membership Rewards program allows you to convert your rewards points to air miles across select airline partners such Emirates, Etihad, Jet Airways, and Virgin Atlantic, to name a few. If you’re planning for a holiday to your dream destination, money is always well spent on your credit card because of the points earning potential. By making 4 transactions worth Rs 1,000 each in a month, you can earn 12,000 bonus points in a single year.

4. The pleasure of leisure

4.  The pleasure of leisure
With two complimentary supplementary cards for your co-travellers to shop at their favourite boutiques, you can triple your points earning potential. Many credit cards such as American Express' Membership Rewards have promotional offers through the year. This card has discounts up to 20% at over 1000 fine dining restaurants across the country. And who doesn’t love spa time? Book on your card at the resorts of or hotel partners, and win free spa credits to add that touch of luxurious leisure to your trip.

5. Pamper yourself

5.  Pamper yourself
Several membership rewards points can also be redeemed from an exclusively curated 18 Carat and 24 Carat Gold Collections. These ranges include handpicked gifts for travel enthusiasts, from the portable, Bluetooth-enabled Bose Soundlink Color Speakers to the FitBit Alta, a sophisticated piece of gear for adventure lovers. If you prefer experiences over possessions, you can avail a voucher for a weekend getaway at the WelcomHeritage properties or a holiday coupon from MakeMyTrip worth Rs. 12,000.