Five gadgets that will transform your car dumb car into a smart car


Cruise Automotive Cruise RP 1

Cruise Automotive/YouTube

The Cruise RP-1 is a highway Autopilot assistant that uses sensors and other technology to enhance safety.

Just like everything else these days, our cars are becoming more connected.


In fact, most new vehicles look more like smartphones on the inside than cars.

But the smarter automobiles get, the more expensive they become. And not everybody can afford to shell out thousands of dollars just to get a tech update in the car.

Fortunately, there's another way to bring your car into the modern era.

Whether you're looking to get more data about your car's diagnostics, connect it to the Internet, or looking to get some apps for your vehicle, there are a number of devices available that can help upgrade your car to smart car status for a fraction of the price.