5 quirkiest travel experiences in the world for everyone who love a good adventure

At a time and age, where we're always pressed for time and have a million things on our mind, it's important that we take some time off for ourselves every few months to travel and rejuvenate our minds.

But, again travelling these days shouldn't just be limited to visiting a new country or a city. To make it a trip worth remembering and soak in the local culture, it's imperative you make an effort to turn your trip into a travel experience.


Incase, you're wondering how you should go about doing that and already dreading the hours of research that awaits you, worry no more.

TripXOXO, an Indian travel startup is already doing that for you by being the go-to online destination for for travelers looking for ‘activities and things to do’ across destinations. They seem to have clearly done their homework because the website boasts of over 5000 curated travel experiences that is bound to make your trip unforgettable.

We complied five of the quirkiest travel experiences from the websites in order to get you started. So, what are you waiting for? Get your travel boots on and have the trip of a life-time. From touring a salt mine to the Game of Thrones location, this list has it all.


It's time to say goodbye to boring holidays.

1. Salzburg Salt Mines Tour with Underground Lake Boat Ride

1. Salzburg Salt Mines Tour with Underground Lake Boat Ride
• Discover the salt mines of Salzburg and learn about how salt was produced
• Enjoy the thrill of the slide, an adventure deep inside the salt mountain
• Climb aboard a raft for a spectacular journey across a subterranean lake

An expert guide will lead you through the maze of branching tunnels and explain the fascinating history of Alpine salt-mining.

The adventure continues with a slide, taking you yet deeper into the ground – an exciting experience for young and old! Finally, right at the bottom of the mine, climb aboard a raft to journey across the extraordinary underground salt lake.

Totally unmissable, this breathtaking mine tour will then lead you back under the mountain to Salzburg.

2. Sling Swinger Thrill Ride in Los Cabos

2. Sling Swinger Thrill Ride in Los Cabos
• Swing high above the Baja Californian cacti scrub

• Ride solo or with a companion on one of Wild Canyon's most thrilling attractions

• Hang mid-air 300 feet above ground

• Soar through the air at speeds of up to 70 mph

This is the ultimate excursion for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. Out in the Baja California scrub, on the outskirts of Los Cabos, you will swing high above the cacti scrub at thrilling speeds of more than 70 mph. We call it the Sling Swinger and it is a must-do when you visit Wild Canyon, the extreme sports adventure park in the deep south of Baja California. Even though it involves a great amount of adrenaline, it is very smooth and can be done solo or with a companion.

The thrills straight away as gaze down in to the canyon via the tempered glass bottom and feel what it is like to be suspended in the air, 300 feet above ground.

You will free fall and start swinging in a pendulum arc of about a 240-foot radius. Feel the rush of the wind in your face and the ecstasy of falling. But that’s just half the fun. Just wait until you start swinging back and live the experience all over again, swinging backwards!

3. Group Art Treasure Hunt at Piazza Navona in Rome

3. Group Art Treasure Hunt at Piazza Navona in Rome
• Enjoy a real treasure hunt in Rome, discovering masterpiece of art with a map and clues

• Experience a unique way of getting to know the city and its history

• Test yourself, play the game with your friends and family, and take the final quiz

Visit well-known landmarks and monuments in Rome in a brand-new way thanks to the careful observation skills required by this art treasure hunt game. This 3-hour family activity is designed for the kids, teenagers, and adults in the family!

Discover the iconic 4 Rivers Fountain with the help of your expert activity leader. Spot the starting point and begin your art treasure hunt in the heart of Campus Martius. On this journey into the heart of ancient and medieval Rome, you’ll come across squares that were transformed into city lakes, pagan temples transformed into churches, and fantastic animals turned into stone fountains.

Explore Piazza Navona and Campus Martius, admiring works of art by Bernini and Borromini, and head into a network of alleys and narrow streets that are home to traditional crafts and trades, and also legends. Watch the clues closely, find your orientation, follow the tracked indications on the map in your reference book, and search carefully around you.

Who will be the first to spot the trail clues? Challenge other participants as you’re immersed in the historical framework and in the interesting stories linked to each of the clues.

4. Game of Thrones Locations Tour in Dubrovnik

4. Game of Thrones Locations Tour in Dubrovnik
• Travel back in time and explore the walled city of Dubrovnik

• Discover locations used in HBO's hit fantasy TV series "Game of Thrones"

• Visit the hilltop fortress of Lovrijenac
Explore the location sites from the hit TV fantasy series “Game of Thrones” on a 3-hour walking tour of the walled city of Dubrovnik, and discover the stunning Croatian city through a new perspective.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979, Dubrovnik is famed for its architecture, history, and seaside charm. The tour will take you on a journey to all the filming locations used in the old city, and follows storylines where Dubrovnik stood in for the fictional city of "King’s Landing."

Travel back to the Middle Ages, and learn the myths and legends behind the city’s castles, fortresses and landscapes. Follow in the footsteps of Tyron Lanister to discover where King Joffrey got what he deserved, where Calisie plotted to gain her ships, and the Hound saved dainty Sansa from certain death.

5. Reykjavik Prison Break Escape Game

5. Reykjavik Prison Break Escape Game
• Visit the Prison Break room and try to escape from a real prison cell

• Try out the ultimate puzzle

• Enjoy an exhilarating adventure

You have been framed for murder by a criminal mastermind, sentenced to death and locked up in a maximum security prison. Your cries of innocence have fallen on deaf ears and the only way to save yourself from execution is to escape.

Looking for ways to escape you have discovered that it takes exactly one hour for the guards to make the rounds and check inmates. This is your window of opportunity – your last chance to save yourselves before the execution.