Flipkart, Rivigo termed as breakthrough brands that define progress. Here are the details

An annual report by Interbrand Global’s Breakthrough Brands has listed Flipkart and Rivigo among top 40 next generation, disruptive brands.

The report stated these 40 brands define progress and the potential to grow.

On one hand where Flipkart was dubbed as the hallmark of growth in Asia in the report, Rivigo was termed as a brand which improves the working lives of the humans behind its delivery fleets by using Internet of Things (IoT), big data and artificial intelligence.


The report, which has been published in partnership with the New York Stock Exchange and Facebook, said with a team of top data scientists, Rivigo is creating systems that increase distance covered and improve turnaround times up to 70%.

Hector Beverages' Paper Boat has been mentioned as one of the exemplified brands for appealing to the rising middle class consumer in Asia-Pacific countries.