Floyd Mayweather is reportedly considering a pre-fight move to troll Conor McGregor


Floyd Mayweather with Irish flag

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Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have been anything but boring in lead up to fight.


Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor won't trade physical blows until August 26th in Las Vegas, but in the lead up to their fight they've traded plenty of mental jabs and psychological haymakers.

McGregor has opted mostly to take shots at Mayweather's personal life, bringing up his unpaid taxes and questionable literacy during the duo's four-stop press tour to promote the fight. Meanwhile, Mayweather has opted to criticize McGregor's in-ring performance, notably bringing up his loss to Nate Diaz by submission and calling McGregor a "quitter."

Now, the idea is swirling that come the night of the fight, Mayweather may take this shot a McGregor a few degrees further, and invite Diaz to accompany him to the ring.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Jason Lee of "Love & Hip Hop" reality-fame, who also happens to call himself a member of The Money Team. According to Lee, a surprise appearance by Diaz is a real possibility.


"Listen, I don't know, but I'm from Stockton, California and I was just in London with Floyd when the whole s--- went down with Conor," Lee said. "And I'm gonna make a call to Nate Diaz. I would love to see him walk out with Floyd."

Floyd Mayweather gladiator entrance

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If there's one thing we know about Floyd Mayweather aside from his boxing acumen, it's that he knows how to make an entrance. Whether his sombrero-topped walk to the ring against Oscar De La Hoya, his Gladiator entrance against Carlos Baldomir, or his appearance beside the Burger King before his fight with Manny Pacquiao, it's often the case that with Mayweather, the entrance is just as if not more entertaining than the fight itself.

While it's all rumors for now, it's not hard to imagine Diaz accompanying Mayweather just to mess with McGregor. Then again, it's possible that simply bringing up the idea of it was the beginning and the end of whatever mind game Mayweather is trying to play.