FoodPanda Buys Food Delivery Website Tasty Khana In India

FoodPanda Buys Food Delivery Website Tasty Khana In IndiaWe have seen on numerous occasions that big companies of the west buy smaller ones. The same culture is gaining ground in India too. As companies that are doing nicely or are well funded are on an acquisition spree.

The latest to buy another commerce portal is FoodPanda. They have acquired the food delivery website Tasty Khana for an undisclosed amount. Tasty Khana has made a mark in India and has a wide area of operations. They have tied up with over 9,000 restaurants across the length and breadth of India, to deliver hot food from the dining outlets to homes.

Ralf Wenzel, co-Founder and managing director of FoodPanda group said, "The acquisition allow us to extend our market leadership in India."


Indian E-commerce market is increasing as we speak. With more consumers and users hopping on to the mobility and internet bandwagon, we see the size of the pie increasing many folds. People have money to spend, hence it makes perfect sense for business to expand in India. And one way of doing this is through good partnerships and acquisitions. Before this we saw FlipKart acquire Myntra for a sum of $300 Million.