Forget the plate - the new power lunch is served in a bowl


If you're not eating from a bowl, you're doing it wrong.


At least that's what various news outlets, like the New York Post, will have us believe, substantiating their theory with quotes from bowl aficionados dropping wisdom like, "Even if I had the option to eat off a plate, I would eat out of a bowl."

While most of us wouldn't go quite that far, the fact that food served in bowls is a thing is something we've known for months.

We've seen #bowl all over our Instagram feeds for what feels like years.

We've seen bowl-focused cookbooks and photogenic bowls all over Pinterest.


We watched the rise of Chipotle (until the E.coli snafu), as well as bowl-heavy chains like Sweetgreen, Liquiteria, and Roast, and one-offs like Indikitch and Wisefish.

And, of course, we taste-tested a few of them, like this delicious Hawaiian Poke bowl:

Ultimately, if there's something New Yorkers love, it's being the boss, and customizable bowls give them just that kind of satisfaction. Being able to choose a personalized combo of protein, veggies, grains and dressings are what attracts people to food in bowls. Plus, they're heartier, and have more texture than a plain old salad.

So while fads may come and go, New Yorkers' thirst for control and photogenic foods are here to stay.


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