Full text of Modi’s first speech after historic election victory

Full text of Modi’s first speech after historic election victory
Narendra Modi (left) and Amit Shah arrive at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) headquarters in Delhi. Modi is likely to come into power for a second term.BJP

  • Narendra Modi arrived at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)'s headquarters in Delhi to deliver his first speech after the vote count has predicted a historic election victory for the saffron party.

To the popular, hard-working President, brother Amit Shah...

To the BJP’s all esteemed colleagues and my brothers and sisters…

Today, even the rain God has decided to join us in this celebration of victory.

The people’s mandate for the 2019 Lok Sabha, we went to the people for a mandate for a new India. Today we can see that crores of India’s citizens have filled the jholi (satchel) of the fakir (a saint who has taken a vow of poverty).

I bow my head before India’s 130 crore citizens. In the democratic world, just this electoral number of 2019 Lok Sabha elections — this victory — is in itself a big incident in the history of democracy. This is the biggest incident in the entire world.

There have been so many elections since the country’s independence but since then, after so many elections, the highest voter turnout was in this election, and that too, amid temperatures of 40-45 degrees celsius.

This in itself is Indian citizen’s awareness, India’s commitment to democracy, the entire world has to register, the entire world has to register and recognise India’s democratic prowess.


On this occasion, in the celebration of democracy, to those people who have sacrificed for the sake of democracy, those who were injured, I offer my condolences. In the history of democracy, they have set an example that will inspire coming generations to lay down their lives for the sake.

To the Election Commission, to the security forces, to those people who handled this celebration of democracy in the best way such that it increased everyone’s belief in democracy, for offering the arrangement to successfully conclude the process of elections, I want to offer my heartfelt congratulations.

Friends, when the battle of Mahabharata ended, Lord Krishna was asked, “Who’s side were you on?” At that time, in the time of Mahabharata, the answer that Lord Krishna had give, today in the twenty first century, in the 2019 elections, the people of India, the 130 crore citizens, have given the same answer as Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna had said that he was not fighting for any side. ‘I was only on the side of Hastinapur,” he had said. The citizens of the country have stood on the side of India, voted for India. Therefore, this feeling of the Indian people is the guarantee of India’s bright future.

I have been saying from the first day of this election, no party is fighting this election, no candidate is fighting, no leader is fighting this. This election is being fought by the people of this country. Those who had their eyes and ears closed found it difficult to understand my words.

But today, the people have expressed my feelings.

Therefore, if there is a winner today, it is India. If there is a winner today, it is democracy. If there is a winner today, it is the people. Therefore, we the workers of the BJP, our friends in the NDA, we dedicate this victory in the feet of the people.

I heartily congratulate all the winners of this Lok Sabha election. And all the winners -- whichever party you are from, from whichever background -- for the bright future, with commitment, I believe they will walk shoulder to shoulder towards a bright future, will serve the country, with that belief I heartily congratulate them.

There were four assembly elections too-- Odisha, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, and Arunachal Pradesh. I also want to congratulate those who have been elected to those assemblies, the government that has been selected by the people of those states, I want to reassure them too, that the BJP is committed to India’s constitution and to federalism. And therefore, these things, to the winners, I want to assure them that the central government will walk shoulder to shoulder with them in their journey towards development.

Just like what our President said, the crores of BJP’s workers, their efforts, their purpose, I feel so proud that the party that I am part of has such generous people.


Crores and crores of workers have only one feeling, “Bharat Mata ki jai”. And nothing else.

Those workers, every partner of the BJP family deserves crores and crores of compliments for selflessly held the flag of democracy high, to fulfil the aspirations of the country’s common people, with all your heart and soul, in a democratic way, took part in this entire democratic process, to enhance its pomp and pageantry, served a glorious role.

BJP has a speciality. And that is, even when we were split into two, but we never changed our path, didn’t allow our values to disappear. We didn’t stop, didn’t tired, didn’t bow down even when we were split into two. And today, we have come back for the second time.

In this journey from being split into two to this return for a second time, there have been many ups and downs. We didn’t lose our hope when we were two, and now, we have come back twice but we haven’t left our politeness, we haven’t left our wisdom, we haven’t left our values, and we haven’t left our culture.

Friends, I as myself busy and because of that I couldn’t focus on the election results. And because of that, I don’t even know fully, what happened and where. But what the President said in detail, I, after tonight, will take time and see what happened through the day. But what the President said, this in itself will force India’s political pundits to leave their entire twentieth century theories.

This is the 21st century and this is new India. Our victory in today’s election is followed by chants of ‘Modi, Modi, Modi’. This is not a vicotry for Modi. But, today’s victory is not a victory for Modi. This is a victory for the aspirations of every citizen of this country craving for honesty. This is victory of the young man who is walking with the dreams for the 21st century.

This is a victory for that mother who, with all her self-respect and dignity, is desperate for a toilet. This is a victory for that sick man, who for 4-5 years could afford a treatment but today, he got his treatment and this is his blessing. This victory is for those farmers in the country who sweat it out, who starve their stomach to feed the country and take strange troubles.

This is a victory for the 40 crore unorganised labourers who, for the first time… The people from the left may offered many ideas but this is the first government, which does not have the label of the left but it provided pension for 40 crore people, the unorganised labourers, and gave them a respectable life. This is their victory.

Those who were homeless for long but today have pucca homes, it is their victory. It is a victory for them, who will get pucca homes by 2022.

Brothers and sisters, this is a victory for the middle class families who kept following the law and the rules, who kept paying taxes for the welfare of the country but they never got respect or the belief that the tax that they are paying whether it does benefit the country.


In the last five years, they experienced that what they pay is reaching the right place. The satisfaction that the middle class families feel has been seen in the results of this election.

The strength of honesty has got an approval this election and has brought about a change in India.

Brothers and sisters, in our country the election has happened like this. Otherwise you would have seen that for 30 continuous years in the country, especially-- although the drama has been going on for years--- it had become a fashion to do anything and wear a tag, which had become equal to taking a holy dip in the Ganges. The name of that fake tag was ‘secularism’ and there used to be chants “seculars come together”. You would have seen from 2014-19, that entire section has stopped talking.

In this election, not even one political party has the guts to wear the mask of secularism to fool the country. They have been unmasked. Secondly, there has been no election in this country where the central focus hasn’t been inflation. This election has been such where not even one political party has accused us of inflation.

All of India’s earlier elections where marred with the topic of corruption. Parties were forced to answer about corruption. This was the first election were any political party couldn’t accuse 5 years of administration with corruption charges.

These things have been constant in India’s democracy and they were missing in India’s elections this time, and that’s why political pundits couldn’t understand on what scale should these things be measured.

Brothers and sisters, this election has laid down the foundation for the 21st century’s social, public and political life. Those who want a brighter future for the country have built a new narrative with this election for unity of the nation,

The weaker section of the society has forced the country to reconsider their old beliefs.

Now, there are only two caste living in the country and the country is going to be focused on these two castes.

In the 21th century, there is a caste in india, the poor, and other castes in the country who have some contribution to free them of poverty.


There are the ones who want to come out of poverty and the one who wants to bring people out of poverty. We have to empower these two.

We have to walk with this dream.

Friends, this election is important because we have won with a massive mandate which has stunned the world for next 5 years. Take a moment, this is the time when India will celebrate Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary, when in 2022 India will celebrate 75 years of independence.

This duration is like the time between 1942-1947, when the whole of India had one common goal in mind – freedom. Whatever people did – from leaving schools to going to jail, was all for freedom – it was a people’s revolution that brought freedom to the country .

This duration of 2019-2024 will be to remember the martyrs of India’s freedom movement. During that time, the population was also not as much as today – 130 crore people and if we resolve then we can free the country of all problems. We have to take the country towards prosperity and be a developed country. We have to fulfil the basic needs of the poor in the country. We have to emulate the spirit of freedom during 1942-1947 for a prosperous India, then we can take the country to new heights.

And that’s why friends, we have to accept this election results with humility. A government is formed with people’s mandate but keeping in mind the spirit of India’s democracy, we have to remember that the government works with inclusion. And that’s why who said what during the campaigns is in the thing in the past for me now. We have to look forward and move forward along with everyone – even the opposition, for the benefit of the country. And that’s why even after with this massive mandate we have to move forward with humility within the limits of the democracy. Constitution is supreme for us and we will follow every word of it to move forward. And every member of the BJP and every citizen of India, will have the same enthusiasm I’m sure.

Brothers and sisters, this country has given us a lot. Today, in front of the country, I want to say something – I want to make Indians believe that you have filled the bowl of this beggar.

My beloved citizens of India, you have filled the bowl of this beggar – with expectations, hopes and dreams. I understand the gravity of this but I will tell the country that in 2014 you didn’t know me much yet you trusted me. In 2019, after knowing me well you have given me more strength. I understand the feelings behind this decision very well. As Amit Shah said, after many years a selected government has come back to power more strength. This means that Indians have so much trust in us and as the trust increases, so does the responsibility.

And that’s why I want to tell you – with the duty that you have given me, with the support all our friends in NDA have given us and the hard work they have put in – I will not do anything with bad intentions.

I might make mistakes but none of them would be with a bad intention.


Secondly, you have given me such a big responsibility, I want to reiterate that I won’t do anything just for myself.

Thirdly, I want to say one thing publicly, every second of my time and every cell of my body is dedicated solely to the citizens of this country.

Whenever you assess me, consider these three parameters. If I fall short of any expectations, then criticise me.but the things I say publicly, I will try to live up to those expectations.

During this election, we got to know the work and effort of every common worker of the party.

From the common worker to the party president, I welcome the hard work and efforts of everyone and thank them.

Thank you.