Getting The Right Domain Name For Your Business Is Going To Get Tougher [Infographic]

With new start-ups, businesses and industries mushrooming, the need for a domain name is increasing by the day. The dot com search has become hard and is only going to get tougher. VERISIGN has released an infographic that says the total domain names have reached 280 million and registrations are increasing.

Many services buy a domain name and sit on it, in hope that someone would come by desperately to get it and pay them a huge sum of money. However, most businesses, especially the new ones give the auction phase of domain names a miss and go for a similar available name.

When we see year on year growth for all the domain names then there is an increase of 7.8% in Q2 2014 over same time last year. Another interesting feature that came to light via this infographic is that the number of connected mobile devices, such as the cell phone, will overtake the number of people on Earth by the end of 2014.


This means more and more people will access the internet on a daily basis with these devices and need for better infrastructure, websites and cloud services will increase steeply.