Google, Microsoft, other tech giants desperately want AI talent. This is what they are looking for

Google, Microsoft, other
tech giants desperately want AI talent. This is what they are looking forThe game to get the smartest Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert is on and the stakes are high. Technology giants, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Baidu, are racing to expand their AI activities.

Experts in machine learning are most in demand. Big tech firms utilize AI in many activities, right from basic tasks, for example, spam-filtering and better targeting of online advertisements, to futuristic attempts, for example, self-driving cars.

As tech giants take a shot at elements, for example, virtual personal-assistant technology, to help clients sort out their lives, or tools to make it easier to search through photographs, they depend on advances in machine learning.

Tech companies are worried that the academic system can't deliver sufficient talent at a sufficiently incredible pace to meet demand. As an outcome, there is wild competition for the individuals who can design and develop AI and ML systems. Google, Facebook, OpenAI, and others are seeking talent in the media and public relations domain, endeavouring to make a sense of power and certainty about where the best AI and machine learning is happening.

The apparent successes in deploying and monetizing AI have made a demand for education in computer science, AI, machine learning, and robotics. Enrolments in computer science departments are developing quickly. Enrolments in AI, machine learning, and robotics courses are expanding apparently exponentially.


Regardless of whether tech firms, as opposed to colleges, are best put to convey general progress in AI is up for debate. The additional cash on offer in AI has energized new understudies to enter the field. Furthermore, tech firms could do considerably more to develop and replace talent, for example by blessing more professorships and offering more allows to researchers. Tech firms have the cash to do as such, and the motivation. In India it is talent, not cash, which is the scarcest resource.