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Google PR Response To Bus Protests: 'Ugh'

Google PR Response To Bus Protests: 'Ugh'
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A Google Bus stopped during a protest.    Twitter/Joe Fitz Rodriguez

At least one Googler seems to be getting annoyed with all the attention facing its "Google buses," the private service that brings employees into work that has come under fire by Bay Area protestors.

San Francisco Chronicle reporter Courtney Quirin recently contacted Google's public relations email for comment on how employees were handing the protests and the subsequent media attention - only to get a very flippant response: "ugh..."

That was followed up a short time later saying she would get a call Monday morning.

Business Insider also reached out to Google yesterday along a similar line of inquiry, but unfortunately heard nothing back.

The Mountain View search giant has drawn the ire of protestors, sometimes blocking the buses since some blame rising rents in the Bay Area on the tech elite, who can afford to pay much more with big salaries.

The response back to Quirin was a far cry from the company's statement to Re/code following news it was testing out a ferry service to bring employees from San Francisco to Redwood City on a catamaran:

"We certainly don't want to cause any inconvenience to SF residents and we're trying alternative ways to get Googlers to work," the company statement said.

You can check out the full email at The Chronicle >