Hackers Closed San Francisco Because It's Too Hot Outside


San Francisco is known for many things: the Golden Gate bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, and the weather is a cool 60 to 70 degrees, pretty much all year round.


But sometimes we get a heat wave, and the whole city goes on lockdown.

Well, at least according to this sign:

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The sign can be found on Van Ness and Green streets. It was supposed to be signage that warns motorists of street closures this weekend because of Bay to Breakers, an annual race that goes through the city.


Possibly unrelated to the heat, another sign in the city warned passersby of something perhaps a little more pressing than a heat wave:

The prankster(s) is having a little too much fun in the city by the Bay, but it looks like the fun is coming to an end.

"Someone obviously has our combination and played a little prank," Alan Beck, who owns the signs and rents them to San Francisco, told KRON 4. "We just have to change the combination on our locks is all but we've got a lot of them around the city so it's going to be quite a chore."

(Via Uptown Almanac)