Halliburton's CFO says speed has been a top concern in managing its $35 billion merger with Baker Hughes


The company logo of Halliburton oilfield services corporate offices is seen in Houston, Texas April 6, 2012.    REUTERS/Richard Carson

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Halliburton's CFO shares his advice for successfully completing an acquisition.

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Halliburton's CFO discusses the importance of speed when completing a merger (Deloitte)

In November 2014, Halliburton announced the $35 billion acquisition of Baker Hughes. The acquisition was the largest oil field services M&A in history.

Halliburton CFO Mark McCollum is leading the effort to combine the two global companies and their 120,000 employees in 80 countries.

In an interview with Deloitte, McCollum discusses leadership, project management, and the cultural challenges associated with the integration of the two organizations.


"In researching other integrations, I found that most of the ones that fail do so for one of two reasons: lack of speed or lack of focus on culture - and sometimes both," McCollum says.

There must be a "sense of urgency to get the integration done in a timely manner," he adds.

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