Harvard Business School Graduates Are Flocking To Silicon Valley


Where do Harvard Business School graduates move after completing their MBAs? The simple answer: San Francisco and New York.


According to a new interactive map that shows exactly how the class of 2014 dispersed in the U.S., about half of the graduates flocked to one of these two areas.

The map, created by a team of HBS grads, shows the number of students in each state, highlighting which cities are most popular:

That nearly a quarter of HBS grads - 200 in total - settled in New York City isn't too surprising, since it's one of the biggest finance hubs in the world, with prestigious companies like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase. New York is also home to a myriad of other industries, including media and fashion.

What's more surprising is that San Francisco and the Bay Area drew slightly more - 205 - which speaks to the growing appeal of Silicon Valley among business majors, as well as Harvard's shift towards teaching entrepreneurship.


"In the past, the curriculum was very specific to finance, accounting, and traditional business-related content, and now it has been opened up into entrepreneurial and technology-related courses," says Momchil Filev, a 2014 HBS graduate and one of the map's creators.

Not only are heavyweights like Google, Facebook, and Apple headquartered in the area, but the Bay is home to dozens of smaller companies and startups as well.

There are also several smaller hubs throughout the country that draw graduates. Seattle, home to Microsoft and Amazon, pulls students to Washington State, while Portland, Oregon, draws several to work for Nike. Chicago also attracts graduates to its finance scene and big names like Groupon.

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