Here are 10 ways to balance work with life

Here are 10 ways to balance work with lifeYes, we would all like to balance work with life itself. What stops us then? Perhaps we have not realised that there is great power in balance.

“When you understand that there is great strength in balance, you can be powerful and yet be balanced.”

During my journey into self liberation, I discovered a conscious set of practices that allow any of us to achieve this balance.

Here are ten ways I have distilled to balance work with life:

1. There is only you: What you say to another, you are saying to yourself. So choose your words with awareness and dramatically reduce unnecessary confrontations at work.


2. Have a BE List as well as TO DO List: Choose a BE Word everyday to define how you are going to BE that day and allow the ‘doing’ to flow. BE joyous, for example, creates the context of joy and you experience this as you go about delivering your work.

3. Context comes before content: It’s important to always remain connected to the context of why you are doing what you are doing. Your intention is the context. Framing what you do in this way will keep you relevant and create far more powerful results. In everything you do, take a moment to connect to why (the context) you are doing it.

4. Vibration matters: Focus on you and your world transforms to match your vibration. Your vibration is an expression of your emotion. If you are happy you get more opportunities, people and experiences that make you even happier. And by the way, the reverse is equally true!

5. Live your passion now: If you were to drop dead today, what would your legacy be? Does it represent your life to its fullest? Why not live your passion now? Find ways to integrate what you are passionate about in your work and experience the dramatic transformation in the speed with which you achieve your results. It’s contagious!

6. What you give energy to you get more of: Consciously choose what you want more of and give energy to that. You do this by noticing what exists in front of you that matches the experience you wish to have more of. You can always find something positive and hopeful, even in the toughest situation.

7. Gratitude is the key to peace: Rather than putting any effort or energy into finding peace in situations of turmoil, become a gratitude seeker instead. Look for what you can be grateful for and keep looking for that in all interactions you engage in during your day. Make a gratitude list first thing when you wake up and just before you leave your work. You will feel at peace and experience it all around you too.

8. Only you can make you happy: Nothing outside of you can make you happy or sad. Your reaction to an occurrence is a choice you make. Reclaim the power you always had and be responsible for the choices you make for yourself.

9. The key to vibrant vitality is in the vibe: You choose the vibrations that make you come alive. When you feel vibrant you also are filling yourself with vitality. Your breathing becomes perfectly attuned and you feel energised. So consciously choose the vibrations that energise you and make you feel positive.

10. Is this mine to do?: Before just rushing into doing anything, pause and ask yourself, “Is this mine to do?” Act on the answer you intuitively receive. If the answer is “no” then you can ask, “what is mine to do?” Again act consistent with the answer. You will develop clarity in your commitments and communications, so that you can implement this with ease.

The bottom line is this: balance in your work and life comes from the elegant practice of a few key principles.

This becomes a way of 'BE'ing, rather than the old way of just 'DO'ing. As a result of applying these ten ways you will start to experience miracles daily in your life. And I believe we are all seeking pathways to miracles.

(This article is authored by Mynoo Maryel is a global thought and spiritual leader guiding world leaders and global companies alike.)