Here are 2 rejected characters that didn't make it onto 'BoJack Horseman'


BoJack Horseman


"BoJack Horseman" production designer Lisa Hanawalt, who creates the shows wild anthropomorphic creatures, has a wild imagination and a unique take on animals. Most of that is visible on the show. While the few rules they have for the show can be flexible, there are some things that just can't make it to air.  

"Last season I drew a crab lady that was just horrific and everyone was just like 'uch! no!'" Lisa Hanawalt told Business Insider. 

Luckily, Hanawalt is transparent, and she enjoys posting the rejected characters online. Here's the crab lady that terrified everybody:

There are certain characters that don't make it on because they completely break the rules of the show. At one point, Hanawalt decided to have fun and create a half-plant woman.


"Just to troll ["BoJack Horseman" creator] Raphael [Bob-Waksberg], sometimes I like to do things that totally don't work in this universe at all," said Hanawalt. "I drew a big lady with a plant for a head and he's like, 'No there's no anthropomorphic plants in this world!' And then I was like, 'Come on, why not?' And then I put it up in my office just to piss him off."

While it didn't work well for the "BoJack" universe, Hanawalt still decided it belonged on a t-shirt, which you can now buy online:

"I really like her, but she definitely doesn't belong on BoJack." Hanawalt said of her plant creation.