Here Are People's Morning Routines In 8 Major Cities Around The World





If you live in London, you're likely to hit snooze, eat breakfast at home, and indulge in a leisurely morning routine.

But if you call New York home, your morning probably looks drastically different: You get up early and eat breakfast on the go, according to IKEA's recent "Life at Home" report.

The study surveyed more than 8,000 people, ages 16 to 60, in eight major cities worldwide about their morning habits, and found several interesting differences between residents of Berlin, Moscow, London, New York, Mumbai, Paris, Stockholm, and Shanghai.

Here's how these eight cities stack up:



Berlin residents spend the most time getting ready out of all the cities surveyed, with 57% spending at least 14 minutes just in the shower each morning. Berliners also value the morning as time to connect with other household members, and more than half surveyed discuss their dreams from the night before during their morning meal. While 69% say that it's important to use mornings to keep up with the daily news, only 40% make it a habit.


Londoners embody leisurely mornings: Only 44% wake up before 7 a.m., 27% hit snooze more than once, and the average time between waking up and leaving for work is an hour and a half, according to the study. That may mean they are more creative. Research published in the psychology journal "Thinking and Reasoning" found that leisurely morning habits, such as sleeping in, hitting the snooze button, and eating breakfast at home enhance imaginative thinking and problem solving capabilities.


Moscow is a city of night owls: Only 29% see themselves as morning people. However, despite preferring evenings, 30% of Muscovites feel peaceful and calm on weekday mornings, compared to a 20% average for the other cities surveyed. Moscow residents also consume more caffeine than all other cities, with 80% enjoying a daily cup of coffee or tea and 88% saying that their caffeine kick is important to their well-being.


Mornings start early in Mumbai, with 40% waking up at 6 a.m. or earlier, and 60% getting up before 7 a.m. However, 57% of these early risers also hit snooze more than once - more frequently than any other city surveyed. Mumbai also proves to be a more religious city than the others studied, as 53% of residents pray as a form of self-reflection in the morning, compared to only 4% in Berlin and 14% in London. The average workday in Mumbai starts later, around 11 a.m., so Mumbaikars generally have more time for breakfast at home, and 40% cook breakfast for the people they live with.

New York

Despite early mornings - more than half of New Yorkers rise before 7 a.m. - residents of this city allocate more time to grooming themselves in the morning than anywhere else in the study. Case in point: Women spend an average of 19 minutes primping and seven minutes deciding what to wear each day. New Yorkers are also familiar with rushed mornings, as only 59% eat breakfast at home, in contrast to the average 66% across cities, and those that do, spend less than five minutes on their meal.



Even though 66% of Parisian women apply makeup and perfume every morning, the French feel least confident in their appearance in the morning out of all cities surveyed, save London. Parisians also spend the least amount of time chatting over their morning meal, according to the survey, and 55% of breakfast eaters say that they don't even eat with other members of their household.


Although 70% of Shanghai residents consider themselves morning people, residents of this city spend the least amount of time getting ready each morning, clocking in at an average of only nine minutes, compared to an overall average of 14 minutes. While skincare practices such as moisturizing and applying sunscreen rank high as common grooming habits, only a surprising 5% of Shanghainese use deodorant each morning, compared to the global average of 61%. Shanghai residents also place a premium on breakfast time, with 80% eating at home - higher than any other city surveyed - and 66% talking to each other during their meal.


Stockholm is another city of early risers, with 61% waking up before 7 a.m. Stockholmers also boast the most self-esteem of any city in the survey, with 66% of residents feeling very confident in how they look each morning. Stockholmer residents also take their time with breakfast, and half of those who nosh at home spend at least 15 minutes on their morning meal - longer than any other city in the study. However, leisurely breakfasts aren't necessarily a time to socialize, as 47% use their phones or computers while eating.