Here Are The FBI's Most Wanted Cyber Criminals



Pichi Chuang/Reuters

As cybercrime becomes increasingly damaging, the FBI has kept a list of "Cyber's Most Wanted."


Comprised of the most damaging cyber criminals in the world, the wanted list includes five officers from China's People's Liberation Army and ten individuals for whom the FBI is offering cash rewards.

The individuals are wanted for their roles in defrauding US citizens, companies, and government entities of money and sensitive economic information. With one major exception, these criminals were mostly motivated by greed, using the internet as a means to rip people off and steal valuable information.

The FBI's compilation of a most-wanted list came in response to the increasing sophistication of cyber-crime. In November, hackers believed to be linked to North Korea carried out one of the most debilitating attacks ever against Sony Pictures Entertainment. This hack resulted in the theft of over a terabyte of data from the company.