Here is why Flipkart might be the best Indian startup to work for

Working for start-ups is a big gamble especially in the current economic environment which makes working for emerging companies, a tad bit risky. The poster child for start-ups, Flipkart is no exception to that anecdote and while there have been people who have been let go, the people who do stay are rewarded, immensely.

As Flipkart grows into a full fledged corporate company, it has made sure that its patrons and its employees both get rewarded for their brand loyalty.

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Check out the reasons why Flipkart is a great company to work for.

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Higher Education Assistance:

Higher Education Assistance:
Flipkart enables its employees to pursue higher education by sponsoring 12.5 lacs as tuition fees reimbursement. Part-time courses including weekend programs, certification programs, and professional development courses are supported with employee entitlements ranging from INR 1 lac to 5 lacs.

Insurance Benefits:

Insurance Benefits:
In keeping with the flexibility principle of the framework and based on employee feedback, the company decided to eliminate the upper limit on the top-up option for the employee insurance policies. Beyond the base cover, which is taken care of by the company, the employee can top-up the policy for an unlimited amount. Apart from that, the company also increased the maternity cover and removed ailment capping.

Family benefits:

Family benefits:
• Maternity Benefit Program:

Apart from 6 months maternity leave, expectant mothers get 4 months of flexible hours with full pay. Post 10 months, if the new mother has a need to take more time off then we enable them with up to 12 months of sabbatical. Two months before going on maternity leave, expectant mothers get a dedicated parking spot. They can use cabs at their convenience and claim transport reimbursement for up to Rs.600 per day, if they have difficulty driving their own vehicles.

• Adoption Assistance Policy:

In order to promote adoption, Flipkart offers 50,000 allowance to be used towards legal, agency, regulatory costs etc. to help in the process of adoption. Women employees adopting an infant under 12 months of age can avail the same benefits as under maternity policy. For children over 12 months, they can avail up to 3 months paid leave and 4 months of flexible working hours. Male employees who are adopting a child can avail up to six weeks of paid adoption leave.

• Paternity Benefit Program:

Expectant fathers can avail paternity leave of up to 10 days either before or after the baby’s birth. They can also choose flexible working hours for 3 months before or after the child’s birth and can also claim maternity expenses for their spouse.

• Day Care Support:

Flipkart has tied up with 4 day care service providers in Bangalore allowing employees to enroll children up to the age of four in any of these facilities and avail of a 50 percent subsidy on the fee. Thus providing employees with an annual benefit of up to Rs 1 Lac per child enrolled in these day care centers.

Child care support policy was launched in order to create a strong support system for our employees considering most of them are nuclear families and new parents. This aimed at making the work life balance easier for working parents and also facilitate easy return to work for new mothers after their maternity break.

Career Break:

Career Break:
All full-time employees who complete two years with the company are eligible to take a sabbatical from work for a period of up to six months. The career break could be taken for higher education, medical rest, parental care or taking care of the health of a family member etc.

Time Away from Work:

Time Away from Work:
The measure of work-life balance involves measuring the time spent away from work, which helps the employees to easily transition between their personal and professional space. An example to foster the above was the introduction of 5 day marriage leave to provide flexibility to manage work-life balance, as 85% of their employees are Gen Y. Apart from this, to support employees in any event of personal loss, Flipkart instituted an unlimited bereavement leave policy.

Also, beyond annual leave and casual leave, every employee gets a “special day” leave that they can use on a day of their choice – whether it is their own birthday, their spouse's’ or child’s birthday. We have also taken employees diverse backgrounds into consideration and provided them with 2 optional holidays of their choice basis regional festivals, over and above the mandatory 10 national holidays. In addition to these, employees get 20 days of paid annual leaves and 12 days of paid sick leaves.
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