Here's a simple guide on how you should use Facebook's new reactions

Here's a simple guide on how you should use Facebook's new reactions
All of us see innumerable posts on Facebook everyday that we fervently wish we had the option to dislike. CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself has received millions of requests to add a Dislike button along with the Like, Comment and Share button.

In his recent Townhall Question and Answer Session, Mark Zuckerberg had maintained that while Facebook has no plans of developing a Dislike button, they had however given a thought to giving Facebook users better options of expressing themselves.

This, he explained was because as has been noticed, not every post on Facebook deserves a like and not every moment is a good one. There are some where you want to express sympathy, support or just plain anger. The ‘like’ button however doesn’t do justice to all these buttons.

Having understood the problem, Mark Zuckerberg and team have delivered as per their promise. They’ve just launched six reactions that are in the testing phase at the moment in Spain and Ireland. Based on the results, Zuckerberg and the team at Facebook will decide whether this experience should be made available to all.

These reactions, he adds will give one new ways to express love, awe, humor and sadness. It's not a dislike button, but it does give you the power to easily express sorrow and empathy -- in addition to delight and warmth. You’ll be able to express these reactions by long pressing or hovering over the Like button.

The logistics are fairly easy. When you click over the Like button and slide your finger across you’re shown the six reactions, apart from the Like option and based on the post, you zero in on the reaction you would like to reply with.

Even though the reactions are still in the testing stage, we at Business Insider thought we’d introduce these reactions to our readers and acquaint them with some sample posts they could use these reactions on-

1. Love: This reaction goes a step ahead of Like, and is similar to Instagram’s heart feature. If you love the post shared by someone on your friend list, you know which button to use
Sample: ‘Shahrukh Khan and Kajol are starring in another film together. The movie called Dilwale is releasing in December’

2. Haha: When, a post makes you laugh, you know it needs this reaction.
Sample: ‘I don’t mean to brag, but the number one criterion for picking the Nobel Prize for Literature is that I must have never read this person’

3. Yay: This reaction is best suited to show how excited a post makes you feel!
Sample: ‘Your favourite pub in Delhi now has extended Happy Hours’

4. Wow: Remember to use this like reaction when you want to express your amazement towards a post. Sometimes, a like just doesn’t suffice.
Sample: ‘Evidence of water has been found on Mars’

5. Sad: This reaction is apt for all the times when a post evokes no other emotion but infinite grief.
Sample: ‘Delhi’s oldest bookstore Fact and Fiction shuts shop’

6. Angry: This reaction can be used when one wants to express how angry he is at the content of a particular post.
Sample: ‘We live in an India where the government wants to dictate what we wear, eat and view on the Internet. That’s not even the bad news. The bad news is when an innocent Muslim man is killed by a bloodthirsty mob over rumours of him consuming beef. ‘