scorecardHere's Donald Trump's self-proclaimed 'conservative scorecard' - and he aces it
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Here's Donald Trump's self-proclaimed 'conservative scorecard' - and he aces it

Here's Donald Trump's self-proclaimed 'conservative scorecard' - and he aces it
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Donald Trump Illustration President 2016_Make America Great Again

Mike Nudelman/Business Insider

Property magnate Donald Trump released a new book on Tuesday: "Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again."

The book is essentially an extended version of his presidential platform. It defends his controversial campaign-trail statements, lashes out at the media for stories he felt were unfair, and advocates for the policies he often outlines in his stump speeches.

Trump's conservative critics frequently highlight his supposedly left-wing positions in order to essentially call him a fake Republican. The businessman's book had a response to those critics. At one point in the tome, Trump outlined what he called "the conservative scorecard" and invited readers to "check my grades."

"So the next time someone questions my conservative credentials," Trump urged," show them this list!"

Here's that portion of his book, word-for-word:

  • Affordable health care? Here's my word - and I never go back on my word: Obamacare needs to be replaced ASAP - and replaced with something far better.
  • Immigration reform? Has anybody been more of a leader on this issue than me? My plan is simple: We build a wall and take back control of our country. Massive law enforcement on the borders. Legal immigrants should speak or learn English; without it they can never assimilate.
  • Anchor babies? They're here for one day and the child is entitled to a lifetime of benefits when others have spent a lifetime, or their lives, earning them. This needs to end!
  • The Iran deal? Iran cannot be allowed to build a nuclear weapon. That's not a threat. It's a statement of fact. Our allies and foes should take heed.
  • The Second Amendment? I believe the rights of law-abiding gun owners must be fully protected.
  • Defense of religious freedom? I believe religious freedom is the most fundamental constitutional right we have and must be protected.
  • Fix our broken tax system? There is no politician who understands our tax system like I do. It has to be changed to make it fair for all Americans - and simplified.

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