Here's exactly when you'll be able to order Google's new giant Android phones, according to a new report



Lisa Eadicicco

Google is said to be launching two new Nexus phones this year, and now we have an idea of when we'll actually be able to buy those devices.


Both phones will reportedly go up for preorder on Oct. 13, according to a new report from blog Talk Android.

The report comes after CNET said Google would hold an event to introduce both new devices on Sept. 29.

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If both rumors turn out to be true, that means Google's new Nexus phones would be available for preorder roughly two weeks after they're initially introduced.

In years past, Google has unveiled its new Nexus devices toward the end of October to coincide with the launch of its next version of Android. If the company maintains the same launch pattern, there's a chance we'll learn more about when Google's newest Android software - nicknamed Marshmallow - will be released too.


Google will reportedly release two new Nexus phones this year - one with a giant 5.9-inch screen built by Huawei, and another with a 5.2-inch screen made by LG. This is a change of pace for Google - typically the company only launches one new Nexus phone per year. It'll also mark the first major product announcement since Google changed its corporate structure last month.

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