scorecardHere’s how first-time home buyers can do-up their space in under Rs 3 lakh
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Here’s how first-time home buyers can do-up their space in under Rs 3 lakh

Here’s how first-time home buyers can do-up their space in under Rs 3 lakh
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Imagine living in a home that fulfils each of your demands and is in alignment with your day to day life. Taking the concept of adaptability forward, Nikoo Interiors has come up with a concept in which the discerning millennial/ first-time home buyers can fully furnish their 2 BHK in just 3 lakh rupees with each and every product especially designed by eminent professionals.

Each and every product by Nikoo interiors is designed to be bold & beautiful and at the same time connects with people. Nikoo brings the best of Italian designs to Indian customers at accessible prices. The concept of furnishing a 2 BHK flat in just 3 lakh rupees includes a sofa, a coffee table, a TV cabinet and a dining table for 4, for your living room. The concept also includes a bed, wardrobe and 2 side-tables each for both the bedrooms. All the furniture is Italian and is perfectly in alignment with your furniture needs.

A home is not just a home; it is a place that reflects your personality! Having a place where convenience meets style is nothing less than a boon and Nikoo Interiors makes it all possible at accessible prices. It was not easy to launch such a concept with Italian furniture. To reach the current collection of Nikoo Interiors, a lot of efforts went in. Studying the Indian way of living and understanding their aspirations led us to the current range of Nikoo Interiors.

Each individual and family is different from each other and understanding the difference was the key. We studied different types of families, their configurations, professions, lifestyle, preferences, suitable colour palettes, materials, amongst many other parameters. As a result, we have a very well received Nikoo product range.

In order to reach out to a larger segment of society, we made sure that our clients can buy our products online. The new and unique ‘transformable furniture’ is one of the most important parts of this concept of Nikoo Interiors. To reduce the clutter and to create more modern and attractive spaces, transformable furniture is being used by Nikoo Interiors and it has completely revolutionized the world of furniture. From saving spaces to being lightweight to being sturdy, transformable furniture is everything at once!

Also, to keep the interior décor in budget, selecting the right furniture is the key. Furniture that is transformable and multifunctional is the right choice to save both cost and money. If you have a study table that turns into a bed when required, you don’t need to buy a table and a bed separately.

When imagination is combined with little amount of money, it can instantly add style to any interior. All products of Nikoo Interiors are designed thoughtfully to save space and most of them provide either extra storage or some kind of conversion to save space and give the space a clean and neater look.

The bed options in the concept of fully furnishing a 2 BHK flat in 3 lakh rupees’ are available both with storage and without storage. To make your life easier, Nikoo Interiors has made available plethora of options to choose from. The wardrobes from Italy are available in such great designs and at the same time they are highly functional as the doors are sliding. The extendable dining tables are taking the concept of dining a step forward. A table that can accommodate 6 people when required and acquiring the space of a table for 4 is nothing less than a boon.

The collection of stylish chairs truly enhances the spirit of living room and the wide array of options available make it easier to choose. A table that folds adjacent to the wall when not required, save a lot of space and look a mindful add on to the space.

Also, while opting for a budget décor, using materials from local markets for curtains and other fabric demands of the house can help cut down the cost. Repurposing with what you have is another good option for budget décor; you can enhance the plain walls with differently coloured plates that are anyways waste in home.

While going for the concept of budget décor, it becomes imperative to always hold planning in place. Always have a strict plan before buying any component or executing a plan! Stay in alignment with planning and the décor will fall into place!

(The article is authored by Parushni Aggarwal, Founder & Creative Director, StudioCREO)